A Simple Word

Greetings Beloved!

A new year is upon us and the Lord has much in store for Hawaii and the nation.  We are in the midst of a critical hour in America.  The darkness is truly getting darker.  The death decree of abortion is being rooted deeper into legislation by our government as the dollar is being exalted over the womb.  Anti-life and anti-christ agendas, such as ‘coexist’ and ‘relevant church’ are in full attack, gaining ground on many high school and college campuses.  We are in a desperate time, as the moral fabric of our nation is tearing.  We are at the brink of judgment as a nation.  The sword of the LORD is over our nation, and we are nearing the day when we will have to make an account.

Nevertheless, we still have much hope.  Scripture tells us that evil will increase and mature as we near the end of this age, but it also tells us that the light will shine brighter as the Holy Spirit equips the Church to do greater works and walk in the beauties of holiness and righteousness.  There is an unprecedented amount of grace released upon the earth for those who will humble themselves and call upon the name of the LORD.  Jesus is greater than the darkness in this world and He wins in the end.  Our hope is greater than the darkness!

In this hope we are called.  We are commissioned by Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to contend for truth, justice and the return of Jesus.  Even as you read this, know that the Holy Spirit is calling you into a greater measure of righteousness in 2010, and the grace given to you is sufficient and powerful.  Now is the time to stand and contend against the wickedness of this age.  Now is the time to contend for the life of the unborn, the salvation of the lost and the awakening of our nation!

I exhort you, therefore, to give yourselves first of all to prayer, and then to love, mercy and holiness as you contend for the knowledge of Jesus Christ to be made known in our land.

Blessings and grace to you!


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