The Lampstand

Greetings Beloved!

Ascribe unto the Lord the glory due His name!  The Lord is great and greatly to be praised!  Wonderful and awesome, just and true, Word of God…

He is worthy.

Lift up your voice and proclaim the praises of God!  There is a battle raging in the heavenlies, and God’s strategy for victory is much different from what our natural minds would consider.  The greatest spiritual warfare we can wage is the warfare of worship.  All glory belongs to the Maker of heaven and earth.  Satan and the demonic armies are waging a war against God, attempting to steal His glory.  But God is not mocked or defamed!  His is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever! Amen!

The God of creation created us for intimacy.  Our purpose in life is to commune with God, entirely caught up in His divine pleasures.  Jesus came that we might have complete access to the embrace of God, by reconciling us to the Father through His blood.  Oh, what a great mystery, that God would take us back after what we have done to Him.  He restores the broken, weak people who are prone to sin and the nasty things that do not give Him delight, and He pours out His love and mercy so that we might be His prized possession when He finally puts an end to Satan and all his allies.

This, beloved, is the divine drama!  You are center stage and all of heaven is watching you!

Your weapons of warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God.  You have been given love and glory to give love and glory to God!  Give it to Him! He alone is worthy.  All power on heaven and on earth has been given to the people of God, authorized by the Father, through salvation and partnership with Christ to LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, SOUL, MIND AND STRENGTH!  Oh, and to love your neighbor as yourself…  What an easy yoke and light burden it is.

Nevertheless, we live in a time of war.  And now is not the time to be rebuking demons and casting out devils.  That part is simple.  It’s called ‘in the name of Jesus’.  The difficult part is to offer ourselves as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.  God’s strategy for victory is giving glory to the Lord, and Satan’s army is trying to dismantle and destroy God’s strategy plan.  God’s people have been distracted for too long.  We have been in bondage to the spirit of this age for too long.  We have been asleep, drunk and fattened on this world’s pleasures for too long.

The Lord is searching for worshipers who worship in Spirit and in Truth.  He is longing for a people who will clothe themselves in the beauties of holiness, that they might become burning and shining lamps, caught up in the exceeding pleasures of Christ.  I tell you, these are the ones who will shake the nations and proclaim the truths of our God.

It is for this reason that we are setting up a ‘Lampstand’ in Hawaii.  Our vision is to burn before the Lord, to love Him with our whole heart, and to proclaim Him in the streets.  We are lovesick abolitionists, bent on proclaiming His Kingdom and His justice in Hawaii.  We are here to partner with Christ unto the ending of abortion.  We are here to proclaim His Kingdom unto revival.

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  We have asked God for laborers, but now I extend this call to you.  Revival is just the beginning of the journey.  We were not just called to tell people about Jesus, but to make disciples of the nations.  Do you want to answer the call?

The vision exceeds, but for now we meet for worship, prayer and evangelism.  If you want to get involved, check out my ‘Getting Connected’ page.  Keep in mind, we are not looking for mere ministry partners, but for friends.  I mean that.  Ministry without relationship is hypocrisy and dead religion.


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