The Glory

Greetings Beloved!

I desired to write today more along the lines of an update, but there is a meditation of my mind that I believe must be conveyed.

As someone who is greatly concerned with what the Spirit is saying to the Churches, I find myself regularly reading prophetic words and statements made by the prophets of our day.  At times I am greatly encouraged, but more than often I find myself disturbed by all of the ‘glory’ encounters and advertising of signs and wonders that you can see for only $49.99.  Now, I am not speaking as though this is a new phenomenon, but in a season when the Holy Spirit is speaking very clearly and divinely about the hour in which we live, there is something worth bringing to attention.  It is again time to point out that a false prophet is anyone who speaks on behalf of God, but does not declare the Testimony of Jesus. Period. The antichrist and false prophet will be incredibly accurate, demonstrating signs and wonders, but that does not make them the real Jesus and a real prophet.  I worry that much of the charismatic movement of the day is preparing the way for the church to be deceived by the lawlessness of the antichrist.

Here’s the litmus test:  Do you want the glory of the resurrection without the glory of the crucifixion?  I tell you, anyone who is not counted worthy to share in His sufferings is not worthy to share in His glory.

The sword of the Lord hangs over our nation.  It is necessary to have a ‘glory encounter’ with the Lord, so that we are strengthened to stand in the midst of trial and persecution to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.  But if our ‘glory encounter’ results in a little gold dust, but does not result in the message of the cross breaking forth in our city, I begin to wonder if God has been giving us fool’s gold.  I love signs and wonders and I wish to see them all the more, but if our cities are not turned on their heads by the preaching of Christ, all of our signs and wonders are mere vanity in light of eternity.

Beware of deceivers.  Eagerly receive prophecy that you might test it and fully receive that which is an encouragement, edifying you and exhorting you in the proclamation of the gospel, the demonstration of the love of Christ, and the lifestyle of service and sacrifice.

Blessings to you in Christ.


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