Update From Hawaii

Greetings Beloved!

It’s a wild Saturday night at my desk… I mean, the kitchen table.  My roommates are all out doing various things with family, ministry or friends.  Meanwhile, I am getting intoxicated on the goodness of the Lord as I read Hebrews, pay bills and write this update.  Yes, I am learning to multitask!

Tonight has been interesting.  When I got home from work I wanted to go street preaching or praying in Waikiki but decided on a more domestic evening.  During dinner I listened to a sermon by Lou Engle, which stirred me to stop what I was doing to seek the Lord for Hawaii.  I sought the Lord somewhat too intensely while lying in the floor and got lost in the ‘spirit of slumber’ until a phone call came in.  Afterward, my evening felt ‘off’ so I did some chores and then tried to spend time worshiping the Lord.

The night still feeling a little ‘off’, I turned the prayer room webstream on and tried to work on developing the leadership framework for some of the upcoming stages of our ministry in Hawaii.  Not being able to focus, I put that away to do something a little more pressing at the moment… paying bills.  So, here I am writing out checks and licking the nasty tasting envelope seals when the Lord meets with me!  I couldn’t find the Lord in prayer but I found Him paying bills… don’t tell the prayer movement!  His presence came and I heard Him speak to my inner man.  He said, “This is the man I am fashioning.”

I’ve never considered myself the administrative type.  Someone needs to take care of finances and the like, but I’ve always kind of hoped someone else would get that job.  I guess the Lord wants me to fill the role right now.  Something I have learned in a new way over the past few months is that the Lord can meet us in anything and He truly honors those who are willing to do things they don’t like or feel gifted in.  Hopefully, these types of tasks will eventually go to someone much less mathematically dyslexic, but for now His grace is sufficient in me.  And yes, I’m aware that every mom and dad who reads this is probably rolling their eyes right now.  It will be different when its my family bills!  Probably not much different though…

Besides paying bills, I’ve been continuing to stand beside my brothers and sisters here, pursuing the life of prayer and of the preaching of the gospel.  In a lot of ways, this life has become the norm.  You’d think it would be difficult to get complacent having either a prayer meeting, bible study or outreach of some sort every night, but that has been the battle lately.  More than anything I have been asking God to rekindle the fires of my heart and breathe a fresh air on the passion He has birthed within my soul.  “Oh God, wake me up!”

Nights like these affirm that He has been answering my prayers.

Blessings, my friends.  I guess this was more of a ‘heart’ update than anything, but things have been pretty steady lately.  Pray that the Word of the Lord would be glorified in Oahu and for the awakening of the Church in Hawaii.  Ask the Lord of the Harvest for laborers in Hawaii.

May He bless you abundantly with the peace and patience of Christ!


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