Prophetic Word 03/14/2010

Greetings Beloved!

This message is primarily for the Church in Hawaii, but all those who are concerned with what the Lord is doing in Hawaii and the Pacific may want to read as well and take to prayer.  As always, any questions comments are invited and encouraged.  Blessings to you all through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Over the past few years, God has been giving me revelation about a coming change in the spiritual powers that govern the nations of the earth.  Because I only know in part and see in part, it has taken years of prayer, searching Scripture and standing in the counsel of the Lord to come to any useful understanding that will benefit the body of Christ.  Recently, the Lord has given me wisdom and confirmation regarding this spiritual changing of powers and what it means for Hawaii.  I believe now is the time to give this message.

A few weeks ago, the Lord said to me, “Hawaii is under a new jurisdiction.”  I knew that this was a spiritual change that would soon be confirmed by signs in the earth.  Only a few days later, a massive earthquake shook Chile and caused a Tsunami threat in the Islands.  After a could-be devastation, many in Hawaii thanked God for His mercy.  Though I certainly believe it was the Lord’s mercy, I also believe it was the Lord’s warning as well.  God was reminding these islands of His great power to both destroy and to save.  I pray that this would be a wake up call for others as it was for me, and also that we who were awakened wouldn’t fall back into a spiritual slumber.  In these things God has given me insight and confirmation that a shift in spiritual powers has taken place, and that the Church must be ready to do intercession and works of ministry accordingly.

I believe the spiritual shift in Hawaii will certainly effect the upcoming elections, as well as the whole spectrum of our state’s politics.  Now is the time to stand in the gap on behalf of Hawaii and pray for a breaking in of God’s righteousness in our government!  There is a great opportunity for the Church to rise up and take our stand as a kingdom of priests.  A ministry that far surpasses politics, a praying Church is the answer to the bloodshed of abortion and it fuels the proclamation of His Kingdom and Salvation!

On April 3rd, 2007, the Lord gave me a prophetic word about this season.  Here is an excerpt:

“The season is at a turn.  The time is so near that creation will tremble with earthquakes and various groaning of winds.  Do not forget that I am gathering My people Israel and that I respond to the prayers of My people.  Strike down abortion with the rod of intercession.  It is a catalyst for the progression of this hour.  Pray that the Word of the Lord would run swiftly and that the lawless one be revealed.  Abide in truth and grace.  Test everything according to the Word of Christ.  Lament and weep for the lost; their time is near.  Take heed in your own heart and pursue the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

The signpost that we are in this season are the winds and the earthquakes.  In the islands we have experienced very intense winds, and in the nations we have seen frequent and devastating earthquakes.  The Lord has given us instruction about what to do in this time and that is what I am calling us into.  It is time to rise up and take heed to His word!

I see seven things that the Lord is asking us to do here.  I believe we need to take each one seriously and give ourselves wholeheartedly to them.

1) Remember: We cannot forget God’s promise and purpose for Israel.  Romans 11 tells us that we must not forget nor boast against Israel for risk of being cut off from the promise of Christ.  We must also remember our purpose and influence before God in prayer.  We have been given no greater ministry as the Church than to come before His throne of grace in worship and prayer.

2) Pray: This is the season to strike down abortion.  We have a window of opportunity in the state and nation.  If we don’t win the war for the unborn, our nation’s fate is sealed and God’s judgment will be final.  We must also pray for an increase in the influence of the Gospel in our cities and state.  Finally, now is the time to pray for God to reveal the Antichrist.  Our ministry is not to search for him, scouring news, government and media, but is instead to ask God for revelation.

3) Abide: We must dwell in the Truth that Jesus is Lord and trust that His grace is sufficient.  These are very foundational principles, but I believe the Church has fallen away from most of its foundations and these must be restored before it is too late.

4) Test: Test this and all prophecy according to the Scriptures.  Too many false prophecies and false promises have crept into the Church.

5) Lament and Weep: There is an urgency of the hour.  We must be knit to God’s heart for those who do not know Him.  Time is almost up.  The harvest is ripe and plentiful.

6) Take Heed in Your Heart: Pay attention!  The season is changing.  These changes will likely effect our economy, politics and society as a whole.  I think it is safe to say that there is opportunity for the Gospel to reach every sphere of society in unprecedented ways, but it is also likely that great trials in these same spheres are coming soon as well.  Are you ready to bear your cross?

7) Pursue the Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Word of God in its fullness is Christ in you, the hope of glory.  His return is near and it should be our foremost desire and goal in all forms of ministry.  If the return and revealing of Christ is not your purpose for doing the works of the Kingdom you need to repent.  If you don’t understand what God is doing in our generation, and if you don’t understand His purpose behind the things that take place; your hearts will grow cold and you will be unable to recognize Him.  All these things are in His Word.

The Lord has not revealed to me how this great spiritual shift will unfold in the natural.  I believe this is partly because much hinges upon the prayers of the saints, but for the most part I believe it’s because God wants us to focus more on obeying what He calls us to do and less regarding how it will look.  May we rise to the occasion and lift our voices in unity and purpose to usher in God’s will for these islands!

I pray that the Lord will find you faithful and obedient in love.  Peace and grace from God be upon you all.


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