A House that Contends… Update From Hawaii 5/23/10

Greetings Beloved!

I write to you out of the joy and excitement of the Lord providing a home for the house of prayer in Kailua.  On June 1st, we will embark on a journey, walking into a deeper reality of becoming a community house of prayer.  It will likely be incredibly crazy for the first few months, as we learn to cultivate continuity in prayer and contending for the revealing of Jesus in the Islands.

In the midst of these previous few days, in light of the newness and excitement, I am faced with the most urgent discontentment.  Ministry doesn’t satisfy me.  Good meetings and fellowship isn’t enough.  Frequently, I will even receive a prophetic word or have a revelation from His Word, and yet I am not content.  My prayer and quiet time is filled with deep wrestling, as I fight and grasp for what I feel that I am missing.  Here I find that I am searching for the deep.

Beloved, we were created to gaze into and search out the beautiful depths of Jesus Christ!  Personally, I go through these cycles… hmm… maybe glory to glory… when everything feels empty and my soul feels very, very needy.  In past years I would have grown despairing and may have turned to the broken cisterns in an attempt to satisfy my yearnings.  I am beginning to realize though, that I have been blessed by the very discontentment that I so wrestle against.  See, the Lord is fashioning me to contend for the deep things of His heart.  Oh, our salvation is free indeed, but we all know as Christians that there are things we must exert much effort and faith to lay hold of.  I am learning that whenever I begin to feel discontent it just means that there is something greater to press into.  If we embrace this place of continual desperation for a deeper revelation of the God-Man Jesus, it will produce much humility, grace and perseverance in our lives!

The truth is, maybe two days ago I began to feel again the weight of my need, and as result, leaned toward the fleshly tendency to grow frustrated and discouraged.  Nevertheless, God has kindly lifted the veil and begun to again transform the inclination of my heart.  It is for this reason that I yearn to contend.  Oh, join me beloved, in the great pursuit of the knowledge of God, understanding that there is a vast difference between knowing God and knowing God…

As June 1st rapidly approaches and the deadlines for many ministry assignments, bills, and basic hygiene along with it (um… almost haircut time again), I eagerly long for contending.  It is this that I dearly desire to become a sincere characteristic of the house of prayer.  Oh, that we might be a house that contends for the promises and purposes of God.  May we be found in His will and plans!

There are many battles to be fought in the spirit.  The blatant wickedness of the humanistic agenda has overtaken every facet of American society, and if I may be so bold, much of the Church as well, and there must needs be a voice of mercy that cries out, “Return to the Lord and seek Him while He may still be found!”  Beloved, there is much to be had, but much has yet to be seen.  Where is the revival the prophets have promised?  I ask this, not to question the prophets, but to suppose that the Lord isn’t finished with showing us mercy.  Let us appeal to the long-suffering mercies of God and contend for amazing grace to again be revealed to our nation, state and Churches!

Let us not take the grace of God in vain! Beloved there is more.  Press on and lay hold of that which is promised!

May His peace and counsel guide you!



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