“Where are the Righteous Ones”

By Karen Santiago Domingo


I recently took a look at some of Karen’s artwork.  I find myself continually moved by the display of God’s personality as He radiates through her art.  Above is a link to her website.

Greetings Beloved!

Blessings and peace to you through our Lord Jesus Christ!

I have noticed recently, looking both inward toward my own need to cry out for the mercies of the Lord, and outward, to brothers and sisters in Christ, that there is still a driving tendency in the heart of man to do as little as possible to fulfill the will of God.  Take note, that true righteousness is not the fulfilling of a requirement, but rather the pursuit of God in complete and utter abandonment.  Authentic righteousness will far surpass any requirement of the law, whether God’s law or man’s law, in both belief and in action.

Who among us is truly righteous?  God will reward them accordingly by their effectual faith in Christ Jesus.  Nevertheless, until the day of our reward, those who pursue righteousness will oft be labeled ‘legalistic’ by the licentious and undiscerning.  In the face of this we must not fight against God, but rather view those who contend with us as God’s gift to perfect holiness in our lives.

Jesus’ throne is established upon truth, meekness and righteousness.  It is for these which He will go to war at the end of this age, crushing Satan, beheading kings, and endowing eternal shame upon those who were ashamed of Him.  Righteousness will never be a legalistic pursuit, for it demands much more faith, obedience and self-control than legalism could ever require.

Where are the righteous ones?


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