Remember Mercy: The First Lamentation

Greetings Beloved,

As a brother and fellow heir of the promise of Christ, I write to you, beloved of the Lord, to make known the lamentation and oracle of the Lord concerning our western Christianity.

Grace to you, and peace through Christ Jesus our Lord.

This is the first of the lamentations and oracles of the Prophet Song, which were given to me by revelation in 2003 and 2006-2010.

The First Lament: June 19, 2007

“Its branches were strong, fit for a ruler’s scepter.  It towered high above the thick foliage, conspicuous for its height and for its many branches.  But it was uprooted in fury and thrown to the ground.  The east wind made it shrivel, it was stripped of its fruit; its strong branches withered and fire consumed them.  Now it is planted in the desert, in a dry and thirsty land.  Fire spread from one of its main branches and consumed much fruit. No strong branch is left on it fit for a ruler’s scepter.  This is a lament and is to be used as a lament.” -Ezekiel 19:11-14 (NIV)

“For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?” -1 Peter 4:17 (NKJV)

Western Christianity is entrenched in sexual immorality and idolatry.  Our hearts have grown hard and our minds dull to the knowledge of God and to the meekness of Christ.  Nevertheless, the Lord suffers long and desires to reveal His great and tender mercies!  There is a great inheritance available to the Church in the west, for the Lord Jesus Christ yearns to fill us with the power and grace of the Holy Spirit.  Even now, America is ripe for a harvest of revival that would far surpass the book of Acts, but we must first examine ourselves and repent for our sins and the sins of our fathers.  The depravity of the church is exceeding, yet those who daily exercise the lifestyle of humility and repentance will overcome their spiritual bankruptcy and walk in the will of God.

As we look around, it could be very easy to point to the sins of the world, but there is much fallacy in such thinking.  Judgment comes first of all to the people of God.  When unrighteousness is judged by God, the unrighteousness of the Church will be judged before the unrighteousness of the world.  God has already exposed and removed a few of the unrighteous from ministry, and He will continue to do so!  The sword of the Lord is hanging over the church in the west.  God is not playing games.  If you haven’t been exposed in your sin it is because God is revealing His kindness and long-suffering so that you might repent and reap the rewards of redemption.  The Holy Spirit is coming to glorify the works of Jesus, who once said, “I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled… From now on five in one house will be divided: three against two, and two against three.” -Luke 12:49-52 (NKJV)

The Holy Spirit will divide the Church in the west, for He says, “As for me and My House, we shall serve the LORD.” We are the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, and He will cut off those who refuse to serve in the love and meekness of Christ.  We cannot serve both Christ and idols, for:  “There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father who is above all, and through you all, and in you all.” -Ephesians 4:5-6 (NKJV)

Beloved, we must take heed!  The dull, dissipated Christianity of the west is full of harlotry and the flagrant disregard of God’s desires.  Most assuredly, we draw near with our lips with the loudest, most elaborate praises, but our hearts are far from Him.  Do you not see that we are so distant from the pure and undefiled religion described in the book of James?  We have handed our orphans and widows over to an unjust government in the midst of economic crisis, while polluting ourselves with the love of money, the love of possessions, internet pornography, humanitarian justice and a whole mess of idolatry.  This is the condition of the vast majority of the western Church!  We, the Church, are like Nineveh, not knowing our right from our left, a religion of pagans and drunkards.  Oh, maybe we would run to the mercies of God, as did Nineveh during the days of Jonah, so that the God of heaven would relent from sending destruction!

The Lord has made a decree, “Those who do not repent for sexual immorality and idolatry will be removed from their ministry to the Church  by the fire and wind of the Holy Spirit.  Let this be a sign to you: ‘One of your main branches, a great and mighty branch, will be removed by a fire that will come up from under it and it will consume much fruit.’ Do not inquire of the Lord nor lift up your hands until you have repented even for the sins of your fathers.”

What this means is, on account of sexual immorality and idolatry, a greatly influential [ministry, denomination or movement] in the Church will be completely uprooted by the fury and jealousy of the Lord.  The Holy Spirit will test it with fire and reveal its dross.  The judgment will come up from under it, which means that hidden secrets and sins will be publicly exposed.  Much of the fruit of this ministry will be completely destroyed, meaning that many of her disciples will be scattered or fall away.  It will be terrible and evident, unlike anything we’ve seen in our generation.  Without repentance, it will surely come to pass.

Beloved, let us not take the grace of God in vain!  Great judgment is coming to the Church and we would be fools to not heed the warning of the Lord.  The beautiful thing about judgment is that if we repent and follow Christ with our whole hearts, He is able and willing to forgive any and every trespass.

Now, if you are eagerly following Christ, pray on behalf of the Church, that she might be filled with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God!  Stand in the gap on behalf of your brothers and sisters, pleading over them the mercies of the Lord and praying for their repentance.  Do not fear nor envy those who do wickedly, but rather pursue the meekness of Christ and enjoy the peace and fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord has made another decree, that there would be a restoration of the apostolic ministry in our generation.  The Lord is calling forth apostles from our land who will bring restoration and reformation to the lifestyle, ministry, government and passion of the church.  These apostles have not yet been commissioned, but will be soon.  He is resurrecting an apostolic church that will walk in the ancient paths (holiness, devotion and purity) of the early churchThese apostles will move in a great prophetic anointing, similar to the prophet Samuel, and they will call the people of God to a pure and chaste devotion to Jesus.  They will go forth with this message: ‘God is Restoring the Great Commandment to the Church’, ‘God is Fulfilling the Mystery of Christ’ and ‘The Day of The Lord is at Hand.’  They will be equipped by the Holy Spirit to finish (with all the saints) the work of the Great Commission, and prepare the Bride of Christ for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

In the restoration of the apostolic ministry, God will no longer allow man to rule over Jesus’ bride.  A renewed gift of faith in the Church will be a fruit of this restoration.  This restoration will be paved through steadfast intercession and tenacious messengers of a ‘kingdom gospel’.  Meekness will abound in these ones, as they will not be of those who esteem a position but rather walk unashamed in their spiritual authority.

There has been a lot of ‘buzz’ in much of the prophetic movement about ‘apostle this’ and ‘apostolic network that’, where the term apostolic barely means anything anymore.  I commend those who have stepped out into the reality that God is restoring apostolic ministry in our day, yet I must also note that almost everything I have seen in the west that is termed apostolic is little more that man exalting himself over other believers.  “The Lord detests your apostolic networks.”

Beloved, you will recognize the coming apostles by their unwillingness to build on another man’s foundation, and their fervent pursuit of the Great Commandment, the Great Commission and the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.  They will be much more concerned that you are walking in the purity and simplicity of devotion to Christ than they will be of building a ministry or network, and they will devote themselves to the Church as a bond-slave of Christ, that she might one day be prepared to meet Him at His coming.  Most importantly, they will be men marked by the revelation of the risen Lord Jesus, stricken and scarred for life, beautifully emanating the love, meekness and faith of Jesus Christ.  Finally, they might be here and alive, but they haven’t been revealed in the west.

This is the first of the lamentations and oracles of the Prophet Song.

“Let him who has ears, hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.”

Take heed, beloved, and remember mercy.  May the peace of God rule in your hearts!


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