Where Are the Midwives?

Greetings Beloved!

Blessings and peace to you through God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I was standing at a silent siege a few weeks ago, and during my stand I began to feel the burden of the Lord.  He began asking me, as though a thunderous voice were shaking me on the inside, “Where are the midwives!?”

As I stood there, I tried to make sense of why God was asking me this question.  I turned my Bible to Exodus, where it makes account to the righteousness of the Hebrew midwives. (Exodus 1:8-22) In this chapter, the midwives performed righteously because they did not heed Pharaoh’s death decree, but instead preserved the lives of the sons of the Hebrews.

I’ll cut to the chase…

We find ourselves in the days of a death decree far more severe than in the days of Pharaoh, King of Egypt during the lifetime of Moses.  In America, and in many other nations, abortion is stripping us of our children.  Our heritage has become a reproach to us, as we murder our children for the sake of choice and convenience.  We plea, “God bless America!”  Then, when God blesses us, we respond by murdering His blessing.  We murdered His Son two-thousand years ago and today we murder our own sons and daughters!  If we didn’t want the Son of God it only makes sense that we wouldn’t want our own children.  Yet, in His faithful mercy, God continues to lavish upon us blessing after blessing, fully desiring our repentance and returning to Him, yet time and time again we put His blessings to death in the name of justice.  May His mercy prove victorious over our humanistic justice system!

From a social-political perspective, it will become more and more dangerous to bear children as our health care becomes exceedingly socialized.  For instance, let’s say you cannot afford a pregnancy and you are denied medical care because your child is ‘unfit’ or ‘handicapped’.  Maybe the government doesn’t care for your political or religious beliefs, and they decide that abortion or abduction is the best solution to prevent the spread of dangerous ideologies.  Possibly, you could even be sitting in the hospital when the nurse slips you abortive ‘headache’ pills.  You may think that this is a bit conspiracy theory, but I believe what happened in Hew Hampshire is only a minor example of that which is to come.  Read an account of the story here of how the State of New Hampshire recently abducted a newborn child.

Listen, I am not calling for a militia to come and kick the ‘socialists’ out of government.  What I am calling for is a Church to rise up and pray against the injustices of our nation, preach the Gospel, and take upon themselves the burdens of the oppressed.  I fully believe in God’s ability to bring about revival and justice in our land, but let us not be caught unaware in the midst of our spiritual battle.  Beloved, we are up against the kingdom of darkness!  The demonic hosts do not fight righteously.  When we win one battle, they come through the back door with the taste of blood on their mouths.  Do not assume that when we win the war over the unborn it is time to stop contending.  It is not primarily a political issue, but an agenda from Satan to seek, kill and destroy.

I fervently believe that the Lord is crying out to the Church, “GIVE ME MIDWIVES!”

Beloved, let us perform justice.  We need midwives, an adoption movement, and those who are able to care for the disabled.  Do we really want to see abortion end?  Do we truly desire to once again experience God’s blessing over our nation?  Let us put our prayers and doctrine to work and not neglect our pure and undefiled religion!

May the Lord give us faith, purity, the orphan and the widow!  In all these things do not neglect the proclamation of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ.  Without the preaching of the Word our justice and compassion is a putrid stench to God.

And, this is as true of a word as I have ever given: “God is searching for righteous midwives.” This is a literal message.

He who has ears…


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