Resounding Cry

Greetings Beloved!

The Resounding Cry

In the hearts and minds of men, a simple, yearning, cry resounds
A cord that weaves through all of time, unchanging and dissatisfied
This infinite depth for which we’ve longed,
will yet be known and yet fulfilled
That we might be, and be made known
within the deep that cries to deep.

Who among us is full of folly…
denying soul and all its yearning?
For such a man is a serpent’s fool, lying to himself and all.
Yet here it is, though still unseen, such longing is that this might be
Now truth be told, though seldom find
these depths of yours and depths of mine
be a thirsting plea for Christ inside.

May I never rest until I find, the shalom of God in these depths of mine
Where love is known, unchanged and true
standing firm through every tempest.
While dead men sit on earthly thrones
abased by longings that rob their souls,
The poor in spirit find riches later
when the God of kings gives life forever.

So knit my heart to Your earnest jealousy
by which You’ll come and rend the sky,
And wean my soul, for I am a hungry infant
faint and lacking without Your love.
I’ll trade my faithless beggars bread…
that I may feast upon eternity’s pleasure.

Oh, be still, my soul, and know your God!

Though riches fade and strength will fail,
the Word of God will never cease
And on this Rock, the Word made flesh,
I will stand in all my being.

Be still, still be…
be still my soul!
Be still my soul and know your God.
Oh, Lord I rest in Your holy name,
Anointed One, Emmanuel!

Resounding Cry is a meditation and prayer taken from The Prophet Song Volume II: Meditations on the Flight.

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