A Short, Timely Message

Greetings Beloved,

As 2010 draws to a close, I believe there are a number of us who are feeling as though much of what we thought would be fulfilled this year has yet to come to pass.  2010 has been a year of partial fulfillment, and this is important to note because we need not and must not limit the Lord to our understanding of how and when the Word of the Lord will be fulfilled.  We see in part and know in part.  Usually, in fact, the very part we see is not even the whole part. This means that not only do we see but a partial piece of the puzzle, but the part we do see is only seen partially.  I have noticed, in light of revelation from the Lord and by prophecy given through others, what we should take from the prophecy spoken is this: (1) The Lord is Faithful and (2) The Lord is Trustworthy.

Many prophets have spoken this year, true prophets, false prophets, immature prophets, and all sorts trying to be prophets… such to conclude that both the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan have much to say about the hour in which we live.  Above all things, the revelation of Jesus will be glorified in our land and His Word will prove swift and effective.  To those who prophesy I say, “Your prophecy will not be completed this year, even if you have spoken that it will.  Revival and judgment are in waiting.”  What has been granted to us now is a token from the LORD, a promise and a deposit concerning the things to come, whether words of judgment, or words of revival, so that we may know of His faithfulness and the good intention of His leadership.

Blessings to you all in Christ,


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