Remember Mercy: The Fourth Lamentation

Greetings Beloved,

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, blessings and grace.

This is the fourth lamentation, which I received on 6/21/2007.

And in thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and righteousness; and thy right hand shall teach thee terrible things. (Psalm 45:4) KJV

You have been asking Me, “How long?”, but I ask you, “How long do you think you have before I reveal My Son as the righteous judge of all nations?”

This question I ask you, beloved: “What terrible things are found in the instruction of the right hand of the Father?”

Jesus Christ is Lord.  He will hold the nations to account, and He will ride forth as a victorious and mighty warrior.  Deliverance and justice will be at His coming, but so He will also tread the winepress of His wrath on behalf of truth, meekness and righteousness.  During my prayer, upon receiving this message, I was deeply confronted by my lack of preparedness, for I had been crying out to see His judgments and salvation, while not being fully committed to preparing for His return.  This was the Lord’s reply:

“Have I not forgotten the sins of the repentant?  Before you cry, ‘Come Lord Jesus’, examine yourself.  In what areas of your life have you not embraced repentance?  I tell you,” says the Lord, “I come for a pure and spotless bride.  Repentance from dead works is the path to understanding truth, meekness and righteousness.  You need not worry.  I have the power to remove those things that hinder your love for Me.  I answer the prayers of the contrite who seek My face, and I also have the power to remove the things that hinder you from the fear of the Lord.  Take up a lament for those who do not know the nearness of My coming.

At this I remembered the word of the Lord, which was given to me on 6/09/07.

“Listen, you who prophesy in the name of Jesus!  Listen, you who testify of the Word of God in truth!  Do not speak as though the coming of the Son of Man is a distant reality.”

Beloved, Jesus Christ is preparing His Church.  There is coming a revival of authentic holiness, and the wise will fill their lamps with the oil of intimacy.  Behold, there is sufficient grace in this hour to walk in the beauty of holiness, for the Holy Spirit is completing the work of righteousness in our generation.  Whether you believe that the coming of our Lord Jesus will be in our generation, or in a generation to come, the test of our hearts is this: “Am I preparing myself for the coming of my Lord and Savior?”  However you may answer this question now, know that there is mercy and grace for us in this hour.  The grace of the Lord is always sufficient, and His mercies are unfailing.  He will never leave nor forsake his people.  It has been the work of God up until this day to redeem, purify and prepare His people, and this work will continue to be completed until the day of His return.  Therefore, it is to be the response of the Church to receive the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, that we might know the surpassing greatness of our God, who is willing and able to take a broken and contrite people and make them to be a beautiful and perfect reward for Himself.

We have many in this generation who love to prophesy, but very few who are willing to pay the cost in prayer for the Church.  Who among us has a watchful spirit?  Let them contend on behalf of a Church that is in desperate need of prayer.  May we be of this mind, knowing the truth, that the Church is Christ’s reward.  When we pray for the Church, we are connecting with the burden of God’s heart for His beloved.  This is a call to lamentation and mourning, contending for the reality of a pure and spotless Church, prepared as a bride for our glorious Savior.  We know how it all ends.  Jesus gets His bride.  Yet, who is willing to pay the price now, that we might partner with our beautiful Savior on earth, while He makes intercession in heaven?

Let he who has ears hear.  Amen.

Blessings to you all in Christ Jesus.


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