2011 in Preview

Greetings Beloved!

The LORD is good and His mercy endures forever!  Jesus is faithful beyond our understanding.  Many times during my walk with the Lord, I begin to think that I truly know of the Lord’s faithfulness, and though that may be true to some degree, He often blows my mind with a fresh revelation that can only be described by this all encompassing statement: “God is faithful!”  Most recently, God has been reminding me of His trust for mankind.

Let me expound…  Do we truly fathom how much God trusts us?  Sure, we understand that ‘he who is faithful with little will be given much’, and, ‘to whom much is given, much is required’, but do we have a grip on the unconditional, everlasting trust that the God of heaven has bestowed upon humanity?  So often, when I think about God trusting me with things in life, I think of callings, occupations, friendships, ministries and opportunities.  Beloved, there is so much more!  Consider a husband and wife, who express deep and intimate thoughts, feelings and expressions of love.  There is a great deal of trust that must be exerted for two people to be so transparent with one another.  If trust is not present, there will be much imbalance in the relationship, which will inevitably cause much insecurity, strife and hopelessness.  Now, let us consider God, who revealed Himself as the man Jesus, so that He might reveal to us the full extent of His love, faithfulness and servanthood!  Think upon the reality of our zealous, holy and consuming Lord, becoming transparent about His unconditional, unceasing and burning love for fallen, sinful man.  The amount of faithfulness and trust that is exerted by God to reveal, even a glimpse, of His love to mankind completely ravishes my heart.  It is surely the goodness of God that leads to repentance.  When we struggle with sin, doubt or unfaithfulness in any manner, whether small or great, let us purpose our hearts to consider how much God trusts us with His affections.  In the height of our sin and separation from Him, our glorious Jesus put Himself of display, even on a cross, to show mankind that He will trust us with His salvation, as He tears down the dividing wall by His blood, and gives to us undeserved communion and intimacy with Him.  Oh, may this be a motivator in our broken lives!  Beloved, He trusts you with His heart and affections.  Love always trusts.  Do we trust Him with our heart and our affections?

Motivate us to be faithful as You are faithful, oh Lord! Amen.

Over the next few months, I will be writing the second portion of Remember Mercy. I will be focusing on two coming waves of revival and how they will shape, refine and empower the Church.  As always, a personal disclaimer of mine is that I see in part and know in part.  I only have a small piece of the puzzle, which is why I will always pursue to emphasize the revealed truth (the Scriptures) and the testimony of Jesus, which is the spirit of prophecy.  I hold to the belief that God is more concerned with preparing our hearts and testimony for the things to come than He is with giving us all the details ahead of time.  We need to focus on details, but when that becomes our primary focus it means we’ve gotten away from Jesus Himself.  My goal is to snapshot that which is to come, but more importantly, to give practical spiritual insight regarding how to live with a purposed, engaged and vibrant heart amidst the revealing of God’s judgment and the revival of the Church.

Also, I plan sometime this year to revamp the teaching section of my blog.  More notes are on the way, including study tools for the end-times, and I will hopefully branch out into offering videos of our messages from the house of prayer.  I will frequently update so check back from time to time.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, please let me know of any thoughts or improvements that come to mind.  My primary goal is to be a faithful steward of what God has given me, but I also want to use it to serve in a way that is useful to others.  Any and all input is welcome.  Comment here or on facebook.

Grace and peace to you through Christ Jesus our Lord and Master!


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