Pursuing True Justice

Greetings Beloved,

The pursuit of true justice is a very precarious subject in our day. Through the venues of our modern technologies and social media, there has been a great increase in the hearts of people internationally to pursue a great many cause for social justice. Issue after issue is being raised, from the historically significant cause to feed the poor and needy, to the modern efforts of many to end human trafficking, overthrow oppressive governments, cure disease, and environmentalism, to name just a few. Even within the past five years, we have seen exponential growth in social justice organizations, both secular and religious.  For many, social justice has been the ‘great unifier of faiths’, and the common bond of mankind. As sin abounds in the hearts of individuals, so does the cause for justice in the hearts of societies. For the sake of the poor and destitute, geopolitical and religious barriers are being torn down for the sake of a better society, which is brought forth by this secular movement.

This Beloved, is the Harlot religion.

Social justice is not inherently evil, but human compassion absent the Gospel of Jesus Christ is very deceptive, and it is fueled by many a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Justice cannot be obtained through a means of human compassion, not because compassion and kind sentiment are wrong, but because only Jesus Christ can establish true justice. Feeding the poor and fixing the environment will not restore God’s dream of Eden. Ending disease and eliminating human trafficking will not cure human depravity. Overthrowing corrupt governments and freeing child soldiers will not bring about the Kingdom of God on earth. Tolerance and political correctness will not end racism. Justice cannot be achieved through mere human effort.

In John 6, Jesus supernaturally fed the poor. This is one of the most beautiful examples of Christ’s compassion to the many He blessed during His ministry. The story of His compassion does not end with feeding the poor though, for in the following day He challenged His followers with one of the most peculiar and difficult teachings of His earthly ministry. In verse 51, Jesus declares, “I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give to him is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.” -John 6:51 NKJV

The very same people who ate of the supernatural bread Jesus provided to fill the stomach, rejected the supernatural bread which was provided for the saving of their souls. By worldly standards, Jesus’ ministry failed to bring about the justice that man would desire. Jesus didn’t end their physical hunger. He fed them for one day. What He did offer to them was much greater: eternal salvation. Psalm 111:4-5 states, “He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; The Lord is gracious and full of compassion. He has given food to those who fear Him; He will be ever mindful of His covenant.” -Psalm 11:4-5 NKJV

Had these ones to whom Jesus ministered not walked away, both their physical and spiritual needs would have been met. True justice can only be extended when people receive both spiritual and natural bread. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only means to the end. No other religion, humanitarian aid, fight for the cure, or extravagant philanthropy can bring about justice, unless it bows their hearts and knees to Christ and His covenant. In fact, these very same ‘good causes’ will be the means of Satan to deceive the poor, imprisoned, and sick to believe in the Anti-Christ. Just causes lacking a true gospel message will always lead to a false christ.

Social justice cannot be divorced from the gospel. Jesus came to deliver the “whole man”. As believers, we must not grow weary in doing good. The only way to ‘do good’ is to do justice, love mercy, and walk in humility with God. (2 Thess 3:13; Micah 6:8). Jesus demands that believers give ear to the cry of the needy because it is the commission of the gospel to make disciples from all peoples, and all nations. Jesus longs to bring compassion to the poor of the earth, but only on His terms and by His means. Jesus does not partner with the demonic forces of secular humanism, Islam, Rastafarianism, or any other false religion or ideology.

For those of us who seek justice, we must also live with a deep conviction within our hearts to pursue justice with our whole being. For instance, how can a glutton stand before the hungry with a righteous heart? By feeding the poor he cannot be saved from gluttony. How can the man who harbors bitterness in his heart fight for the ending of abortion? Bitterness reflects a murderous heart? How can those who look at pornography effectively fight to end human trafficking? How can the individual who is too afraid to pray for the sick expect cancer to be healed? If we are to begin pursuing true justice, we must first pursue holiness of heart. The outer man is a mere reflection of the inner man. When we begin to see things rightly, to take the plank out of our own eye, to love mercy, and to not compromise truth, we will then be effective peacemakers and seekers of justice.

Let us pray that true justice is established in our hearts, and let us then take it to the world.

May the blessing of grace through Christ Jesus be upon you,


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