American Prophetic Update: Part 2

Greetings Beloved,

As I continue to write these updates, I encourage you to read the whole Remember Mercy series. Remember Mercy is a series of short prophetic messages written most specifically to the American Church, but also serve as an appeal to Western Christianity as a whole. The purpose for the title, Remember Mercy, is that we keep in focus the Lord’s intentions in the matter of judgment. I believe that I have been called as a messenger of God’s judgments because I understand the tenderness of the Lord’s heart. The Lord is gracious, and He loves to show mercy. The greatest purpose of judgment is deliverance and salvation. I believe that the Lord wants to show us the full error and consequence of our ways, not because He is on some tyrant’s errand, nor is He doing so because He is intent on merely proving that He is right. The purpose of revealing His judgments is so that we might know the heights from which we have fallen, and therefore taste how sweet His redemption truly is.

Part two of my update coincides with the second lamentation. This message has been difficult for me to understand, particularly because the interpretation has not been so obvious. It includes three core statements, which are summarized in the first paragraph of the message:

A great terror will soon overtake America, and her punishment will be ordained by God. Complacent and lukewarm Christianity will be turned on its head. The Lord will again demonstrate that He is neither ‘for’ nor ‘against’ America, making it known: ‘He is God in America’… and, ‘she will be used in holiness for the purpose of Christ.’

The fulfillment of this word will come in ever-increasing waves. These statements do not point individual events, rather they point to an escalating condition in our nation. We have not seen a specific terror that has overtaken America, but we have seen a spirit of terror certainly do so. Later in the message I note that this terror will overtake us, though not completely. A spirit of destruction is over our nation and it is time to brace ourselves for a tough road ahead. On our own soil, we have seen an unprecedented combination of financial recession, drought and severe heat, natural disasters, home-grown terror afflicting our schools and public institutions, and protests. In all of those categories listed we have seen previous generations experience worse, but never have we seen all of these scenarios combined and occur in such a short period of time. It is difficult for nations to face these trials when they come one at a time, but to see them burden our nation simultaneously is astonishing to me. The fact that we continue in relative prosperity is, I believe, a sure sign of the Lord’s long-suffering desire to bring our nation to redemption.

While domestic trials abound, in the nations we see the rise of a new Islamic order coming forth in the Arab world. Groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood are gaining power, and these pseudo democratic groups have pronounced their hatred against Israel and America. In the Spirit I have seen that a marriage will take place between Islam and Communism, and the Lord has arranged this marriage to take place. He is doing so to wake us up from our slumber. Just as the Lord raised up Nebuchadnezzar to judge Israel, in like manner will this union of Islam and Communism be raised up to judge America and the Western world. I fervently believe that this shall not completely overtake us, but it will become a severe time for our generation. I also hope that if the warning wakes us up, and we return to the Lord and to His purposes, the Lord will relent.

That which we have seen thus far is only the beginning. In the second lament, the Lord gives a clear command to not be afraid, and to also rejoice in His works. I believe that for those who pursue righteousness, this can be a prosperous time ahead. Regions of our nation will turn to the Lord in great waves of revival, and these regions will become places of refuge to the afflicted. This is all happening that God might declare that He is, in fact, God in America! If the people of God respond to the call, I believe that entire states may possibly be spared from the brunt of these coming trials, and they will become a “basket of bread for many” as I have heard other prophetic people speak. There WILL be provision, and there will be plenty. The righteous will hold this “basket of bread”, and they will have abundance for those who do not have. For this to happen, we must flee from lukewarm Christianity. We do not fool God with our outward appearances. Without the love, wisdom, and grace of the Lord filling our inner being, we are cold, bankrupt souls. The Lord comes to those who ask of Him, therefore ask of Him! We must pray, and pray believing that our prayers are for the saving of our families, community, churches, and nation. Jesus desires a pure and righteous people, and He is faithful to provide the way for purity and righteousness.

We must remember that He is faithful. Before Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem, the prophet Jeremiah prophesied one of our favorite verses to quote: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV) These were the words spoken before judgment came, not after. So it is in our day. Let us trust in the Lord and return to Him.

May the grace and mercy of Christ abound in you,


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