American Prophetic Update: Part Three

Greetings Beloved,

Blessings and peace in the name of Christ Jesus.

If you are new to my writings, you may get caught up on these updates by reading the Remember Mercy series. In a short explanation, I have written about the subjects of revival and judgment for the past six years, and the Remember Mercy series is a brief summary of these writings.

Today’s message is an update to a prophetic word that I first released on 6/21/2007. In that message, I wrote about the Lord shining His light upon our nation. While many debate the Christian merits of our foundation, we cannot debate the great culture of revival we have seen through the first and second Great Awakenings, the Pentecostal revival, nor the modern missions movements that have sprung forth from America. In our short history we have seen entire movements within the Church pursue the great and high callings of Christ. In our own generation, the Lord is calling us back to this heritage of revival. To do this, we need to begin tearing down the idols of our land. This work begins in our own hearts, but it must also extend to those we know and to anyone we are able to witness the Gospel. It is our own idolatry as a nation and a church that hinders our response to God, and our fellowship with Him. In our culture is every measure of sin, from murder to sexual immorality, tolerance, humanism, idleness, and more. While these things are common to man, we live in a culture that celebrates these things. When a culture begins to not only condone, but celebrate sin, we invite the wrath of God. Now, please hear me that there is hope! Beloved, we are the Church. We are called to be salt and light, and a holy people in the midst of a wicked generation. We have the truth on our side! Even so, we must humble ourselves and reject our culture if we are to abide in the truth of the Gospel of Christ. We need to reject the idols of our people, beginning with our own hearts and homes. With the help of the Lord, I believe we can do this. If you receive anything from me, receive this: “The Lord shall restore the first commandment to first place in the hearts of His people, and He shall restore the great commission as our greatest work.”

Even so, a spirit of judgment hangs over our nation. One third of a generation has been murdered through legalized abortions. Without widespread repentance, we will pay back every drop of blood spilled. What many fail to recognize is that our nation has taken more lives than Hitler. As a culture, we are just as guilty as he. The blood of aborted fetuses is in our cosmetics, our vaccinations, and will soon be in our food supply. Beloved, this is but one accusation that the Lord has against us. To echo the prophet Joel, I believe we are to weep and mourn, and to call upon the Lord that He might relent from judgment. We once paid for the blood of the slaves in our own civil war, but in our generation we will make an account for the innocent lives lost through abortion.

In 2007, the Lord revealed to me that a ‘Red Man’ would terrorize our strong position and abundant wealth. This man is President Obama. The characterization of the ‘Red Man’ comes from the very communistic/socialistic policies of the current administration. During Obama’s presidency, we have seen the debt of our nation escalate, and the moral fabric of our society fall into greater jeopardy. By no means do we revolt or disobey our civil authorities because of these things, but we must take a strong stand to call our people and our nation to Christ. We must understand the severity of our condition, that we are a nation on the brink of losing its blessings, influence, freedom, and culture. Make no mistake, it is the Lord’s judgment against us that put in place the current leaders of our nation. Nevertheless, if we return to the Lord, He is able to either bring our leaders to redemption or give us new leaders. For this reason let us pray more earnestly for our president.

We must also contend to be alert. Last year, our nation faced one of the worst droughts in memory, followed by Hurricane Sandy, and a myriad of shootings and other crisis. How long until we awake from our slumber and incline our ears to heaven?

Beloved, I speak like this because few will. The Lord is gracious and compassionate, but He is also a consuming fire. Judgment and revival are coming hand in hand to our nation. My call to you is to choose this day whom you will serve.

Let him who has ears hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

May the grace and wisdom of Christ reside in your hearts. Amen.


*For further research on the prophetic direction of our nation, please read this message by Johnathan Cahn.

*For Scriptural teaching on the judgment of God, please watch this sermon by Mike Bickle.

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