American Prophetic Update: Part Four

Greetings Beloved!

Grace to you in the knowledge of God through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Again, I write to you while looking back at a prophetic message that was given to me by the Lord years ago. I have released this message to select individuals in the past, but am now releasing many of these to the general public for the first time. Much of the information in this message is what could be understood as ‘foretelling’ prophecy. Such messages, regardless the messenger, must be approached with great caution and care. I do not expect anyone to receive my message without testing it according to the Scriptures, and also to its accuracy. As with much prophecy, the ‘what’ aspect of the word is not as important as the ‘why’. What is prophesied to occur in the future is meant to be a confirmation of the Lord’s word, and an exhortation and comfort to the Church. Please test all things and receive only what is confirmed and biblical.

“The Liberator” -from 8/24/2007

In the spirit I saw the Lincoln Memorial. One clear difference from the real building, was that I saw the statue of President Lincoln on the roof of the building, and he was sitting in the position of “The Thinker”. People began to walk in and out of the memorial. As I was seeing this, I had an impression of the Lord speaking. He said, “I am raising up a thinking man whom I have placed on the rock of My salvation. He is a liberator. People will ascend and descend, going to and fro from his position of authority. This man will have far seeing eyes; he will know the words of the prophets. I will raise him up, but after one period of time I will take him down from his high position to humble him and keep him Mine. I will take him down with one great shake, and this will be the end of an era.” This is a saying of the Lord.

There are multiple facets to his leadership, but I will touch on a few key things to look for.

First, his tenure will be evident during a time of great divide in our nation. As our culture rapidly shifts, this could actually happen very soon. The focal point of this man’s platform will result in the liberation of many. As the Church, I believe this is a call to continue praying for the ending of abortion. This is the primary abolition movement of our day, alongside human trafficking. The issue of abortion is the catalyst of our hour that will be a measuring stick for how God makes His justice known.

How we as Americans, and I say this fervently in the spirit, how we as Americans contend for the ending of abortion will set the precedent for how we will stand with Israel in the coming generation. This is the generation to instill a fighting resolve for God’s justice in our youth. If they do not know how to contend for the ending of abortion in our day, how will our children contend for the salvation of Israel as the great harvest comes in? The Great Commission will be fulfilled within a generation, and as a result there will be unprecedented revival among the Jews. In that day it will be terrifying to stand with the Jewish people. If we are bold to preach the gospel and stand up for righteousness amidst the key issues of our day, we will pass on a heritage to our children of contending for righteousness. As Americans, we are a primarily Gentile nation with no direct biblical prophesy concerning our people. Therefore, in the days of Israel’s trouble, it is our foremost biblical social duty as a people to stand with the Jewish people. The Liberator will be a man who makes his mark contending for the life and salvation of the unborn.

Second, this man will have a key part to play in two revivals which will come to our nation. The first revival will be primarily one of spiritual reform and awakening in the church. As the Lord restores the first commandment to first place, the Church will begin taking the Sermon on the Mount to great task. There will be a trembling of the fear of the Lord restored to the church, an apostolic reform which will change many leadership structures, and a widespread restoration of the gifts of faith, healing, and prophecy. The second revival, which may not actually come until after the Liberator’s term, will be one of swift evangelism and discipleship. The Great Commission will be fulfilled as a result of this revival, which will of course not be limited nor hindered by our American response. The Lord is inviting us into His plans.

Third, the Lord will personally humble the Liberator for all eyes to see. This is to demonstrate the Lord’s deep concern for our humility and eternity. The Liberator will be in a position of great authority that has the potential of destroying his relationship with God. There will be great pressures on all sides, and the Liberator, while he will be a man of wisdom, will only be able to endure his position of authority long enough to fulfill his calling. The Lord will use these things to powerfully demonstrate that His ways are higher than our ways, and that He is in fact, “GOD in America.” The testimony of Jesus will pour into our streets!

At least part of this man’s time of influence will coincide with a time of persecution and terrible financial troubles, which will be worse than our most recent recession. Pay off debts. Save whatever you can, and learn how to give extravagantly. The Lord remembers His covenant, and His children will not become beggars. When The Liberator is removed from his authority, it will result in a complete end to an era of American society. The kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness shall know no time of greater harvest in this land.

The Lord may establish a particular church leader, president, governor, or even supreme court justice to this calling. I do not know for sure. My advice is to take these things to prayer, seek reformation, and know that the Lord will be faithful to establish a greater godly witness to this nation. We shall see revival, salvation, and the power of God on beautiful display.

May the righteousness of God preserve your hearts!


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