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Greetings Beloved!

PhilosophyToday I am writing about a subject that is very dear to my heart. It pains me to write so briefly on this matter, but let’s be honest, blogs are often best when kept short. Consider this just the tip of the iceberg. Today I will keep it short and simple on a very important matter: Simplicity

Be wary of anyone who treats truth as though it is a complicated matter. Truth is simple, humble, and very black and white. Gray areas are often present when the wisdom of man is involved. When we read the Scriptures, we read the writings a great number of well educated men who penned the verses that make up our bible. Isaiah, Daniel, Paul, Luke, and Jeremiah were all very well educated. Likely, the scribes who penned Samuel, Chronicles, Kings (to name a few) were also very educated. Solomon was the wisest of them all. Even so, in their wisdom they wrote under the leading of the Holy Spirit, and they conveyed the wisdom of God in a very plain manner. Eloquent, yes, but difficult, rarely.

I am wholly unimpressed by theologians and preachers that complicate the bible or try to add their interpretationsThe bible needs no interpreter other than the Holy Spirit, and when we replace prayerful study with the opinions of man, we dilute and complicate the truth. For those who have devoted their lives to studying the Scriptures, the goal is to make the complicated as simple as possible, and keep the simple, simple. Fortunately, we still have such men and women among us who do just that, even if the loudest and often more recognized voices do not.

Moreover, if you are filled with the Holy Spirit you have the ability to understand everything necessary for life and godliness. Not only do you have the ability, but you also have the responsibility. Much of the reason the cultural issues of our day are so complicated is because we do not make the effort to discover truth for ourselves. I do not wish to minimize in any way the ministries of Church, because we need Pastors, Prophets, Teachers, and all the ministries to function properly. Nevertheless, we MUST question all things by holding them up to the standard of the Scriptures, and how can we do this if we do not learn truth for ourselves?

We live in a day with some truly difficult social, political, and moral questions. The questions that face us will not always be so simple, but the answers to them are. The bible addresses many of these issues in greater length than many of us realize. If you are a teacher, may I humbly suggest that you put down the commentary of man for just a moment and read the Holy Scriptures at face value? For the rest of us, let us not swallow the philosophies of dead men and women who’s ideas have polluted morality, justice, and truth. The answers are out there. I have read much debate on the issues of abortion, alcohol, homosexuality, and use of finances (to name a few). All of these subjects have very simple answers which are laid out in Scripture. We must reject the voices in our society that make these complicated subjects. Let not the passive tolerance of sin turn us into lukewarm believers unfit of the Word of the Lord.

Life is difficult enough; our devotion to God need not be. It is a pure, simple faith that draws us closest to Christ. May we behold His beauty, and learn by His Spirit the narrow way. While philosophy and opinions are shallow and vain, truth is an eternally deep and worthy journey. Finally, when you discover truth, remember to convey it to others graciously, simply, and with boldness. It is here where the power of God truly dwells.

Blessings and peace to you through Christ Jesus our Lord,


Jerry 1Writer’s Note: While I do not write as extensively as I did in the past, I still try to address questions in a timely manner. If you have any comment, feel free to post them below. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this subject in greater detail, email me anytime:

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