David’s Tent Recap

Hi Everyone!

First of all, thank you to everyone that supported our trip to Olympia. It was a blessing to participate at David’s Tent, and I am always thankful for the opportunity to meet other believers with such a passion for worship!

One of the highlights for me was the unity in prayer and worship that happened at the State Capitol. 50+ worship teams from 26 different churches/ministries covered 10 days and 218 hours of worship and praise, lifting high the name of Jesus! It excites me that believers from different congregations and denominations would participate so earnestly to see Jesus glorified. It was truly a ‘one voice, one heart’ moment that I believe touched the heart of God.

In the place of corporate prayer the Lord is bringing unity and love to His body. I had the opportunity to witness first-hand as believers across the usual divides prayed together, worshipped Jesus, and cried out for transformation in our cities. I left encouraged that the body has been strengthened and edified, and that Jesus was glorified in Spirit and in Truth.

– J. S. Marek

David's Tent

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