Yeah… Not a Chance #prayerforeveryone

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about The Global Goals yet, but if you haven’t you should take a look. While you’re at it, take a look at #prayerforeveryone as well.

The Global Goals are the brain child of our “World Leaders” and boast some of the biggest names in politics, religion, music, sports, and entertainment. Even the Pope got in on the action and World Vision has a packet and some promotional videos to help you get involved. These so-called global goals are supported by the ONE organization, co-founded by Bono, and is mobilized by an inter-faith community of about 7 million people. In other words, its not that big yet globally speaking, but it is a growing movement. Here’s the gist:


From September 24 to October 1, everyone from every faith, every walk of life, everywhere, can take part in Prayer for Everyone by sharing the Goals with their faith community and their friends.

We invite you to join us and champion the Goals through the teachings and practices of your faith.

Offer your #PrayerforEveryone and Tell Everyone about the world you hope to see in 2030.

This is for everyone, everywhere.

Well, not for the Christian. I’m going to make what might sound like bold, sweeping statements and I’m just going to let them hang out there:

  1. It is not the global mission of the Church to partner with Buddhists and secular humanists to ensure quality gender-sensitive education (Global Goal #4) for children in all nations. It is the mission of the Church to pass on the knowledge of God and the fear of the Lord while affirming the beauty and potential of God’s design for children in all nations. Buddhists and secular humanists, for instance, are incapable of fulfilling the Church’s mission.
  2. It is not the global mission of the Church to partner with Hindus and Muslims to fully operationalize the Green Climate Fund (Global Goal #13). It is the global mission of the Church to teach its members that original sin is the cause of the natural earth’s decay (Romans 8:19-25), and that the ministry of reconciliation is God’s means by which to restore the earth, humanity and creation, to its original God-made design.
  3. It is not the global mission of the Church to partner with a multi-faith community to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning, information and education (Global Goal #3). It is the mission of the Church to make advancements in pastoral care, counseling, adoption services, and elderly care that both affirm and strengthen God’s design for family from the womb to the final breath.

I won’t take this time to go through all seventeen goals, but I think my point is clear. Not all of the seventeen global goals are bad or wrong, but it is not the mission of the Church to partner with an inter-faith society to achieve a humanist ideal of what this world should be like.

In fact, to partner with this goal is anti-biblical.

As always your thoughts and comments are welcome @JSMarek

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