What Profit Are Trump’s Prophets?

I am a Pentecostal Christian. Every election season I cringe at the vast amount of “prophets” who proclaim who our next president will be. I wouldn’t cringe so much if these prophecies were pointing the Church to the thoughts, intentions, and plans of Jesus in our time.

I do believe God has plenty of thoughts about our society, our government, and our nation as a whole. There are great intentions birthed by His will and love for us. Jesus has great plans for our nation, our families, and our individuals. He even speaks about presidents.

Yet, many of us regurgitate the popular “prophecies” about our next president without considering the message or intent of the prophetic word. We want to be right. We want to be justified. We don’t want another eight years of (you name it). We’re angry. We have political agendas. We don’t want to lose our “God-given” freedoms.

Are we listening to the Holy Spirit, or getting riled up and rallying behind by the first blowhard who bucks the system and lives to tell about it?

Ah, Donald Trump.

I’ve heard so many prophecies. I might sound critical, but we need some clear, honest, tough love. I’m speaking to you, my Pentecostal and Charismatic brothers and sisters. I’m not calling out individuals, but speaking to my own camp as a whole.

I know this will be a theological conflict for some, but hear me out. I believe God does speak about rulers and authorities. He knows who our next president will be. He’s not thrown off about it and He’s told some of His prophets who it will be. I believe that God establishes rule, and when this nation was founded, God gave rule to “We the People”, to elect representatives to govern on our behalf.

Is the election process sovereignly predetermined, or is the power in the hands of the voters? The answer is both. I know, bro just pulled the “I’m not choosing between Calvin and Arminius” card. Let’s just agree for now that both views on this subject can be easily supported in Scripture. Maybe we need to simply accept the paradoxes of Scripture without argument.

Moving on…

Many Trump prophecies have come out. Some simply calling him “God’s Trumpet”. Others refer to Trump as a modern-day Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus. The bottom line is a lot of people are pissed off at the republican party for eight years of capitulating, and we’re clinging to whatever hope we have that our nation will turn back from the tide of liberalism.

If Trump is a modern-day Nebuchadnezzar, it means God is establishing Trump to bring judgment upon God’s people. Have we thought about what that message really means?

Nebuchadnezzar was called God’s servant, and the wicked king brought God’s people into captivity. If God’s people would have humbled themselves and turned from their wickedness, God would have healed their land and protected them from such an awful fate.

In fact, the prophet Jeremiah’s words about Nebuchadnezzar were to call the people to repentance, not endorse a wicked man to become ruler. If God is saying that Trump is an evil man who will ‘get the dirty work done’, we shouldn’t be flocking to the polls like sheep ready for slaughter. It isn’t worth our own heads to follow a man just because he’s perceived as strong. There’s been a prophet for every candidate and in this manner Trump is no different.

The other argument people use to endorse the prophecies declare Trump as a Christian conservative who will protect the Constitution and the right of life. Here lies the issue: A man who has failed miserably at many moral junctures of his life is simply a man. A man who acknowledges his sin, repents, and asks Jesus for forgiveness is a man of God. The fruit hangs from the tree.

What profit are Trump’s prophets? Honestly, I’ve heard some propetic words about this election that I believe are spot on, and some way off. Some of the words about Trump have gone either way for me. Some have been accurate as far as I can know at this point. Some merely push a political agenda that doesn’t line up with God’s heart.

But what’s the point?

I’ve even heard one man speak about Trump as a ‘Cyrus Type’ and much of what he said confirmed what I believe God is saying about this election.

But what’s the point?

Have we misinterpreted the word? Have we prematurely crowned a man as God’s messenger without regards to the message? You know, a prophetic word can come from God, but if it is misinterpreted or misapplied the results can be tragic. This is one reason why so many people despise the prophetic. We have to stop being prophetic infants and grow into maturity.

We need to fast and pray before we prophesy (or endorse another’s prophecy) about presidents.

When Jeremiah prophesied about Nebuchadnezzar, the hope was that the people would turn to God. The hope was revival and restoration. Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t the focus. The Redeemer was the focus. If people focused on the One who can save, Nebuchadnezzar could have been a story of God’s deliverance, not Israel’s captivity.

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. When God speaks, mercy and judgment are revealed in unity. When God speaks, it reveals Jesus on the throne as One in full control and authority. When God speaks, it reveals the abundant life that can only be given through the grace of God.

When God speaks, the kingdom of heaven is exalted above the kingdoms of man.

I am not a prophet. I am not recognized by any church or ministry as a prophet. I am not a self-proclaimed prophet. I will give you what I believe to be a genuine prophetic word. You be the judge of whether or not it is from Jesus. I’m not saying, “thus says the Lord.”

I’ll take responsibility if the word is in error, but God can take credit if it is good.

Here’s a prophecy if you will receive it:

This year is the sign of Jehu. Read it. (2 Kings 9 & 10)

Wickedness will be thrown down with violence. This has already been a violent and tumultuous election cycle. What remains to be decided is how the wickedness is thrown down. Do not let yourself fall into Jehu’s sin.

Flee from idolatry and cling to mercy. It is not too late.

Regardless the winner of this election, we are in an hour of history where the Church can make unprecedented gains in unity across denominational, racial, and social lines. Cling to one another and work out your disagreements. This is the hour.

Do not let the political spirit divide you. Your president cannot save you. Your government cannot save you, but the Kingdom of God will one day come out of heaven. No earthly ruler can subvert God’s plans.

Be more concerned with the Father’s love for the Son than for the issues of our day. Knowing what the Father thinks about Jesus will determine how to act socially and politically.

Do not be complacent. Do not worry. Watch and pray. Serve and forgive.

We are approaching the end of an era. Go get the spirit of adoption. It will bring new life and a new future to our nation.

-J. S. Marek


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