Lady Liberty is in Stall Two

Where do I start?

The first thing I want to say is this: “Step back. Take a breath. Say a prayer. Think long and hard before you speak.”

Okay, now that we’ve taken a moment, you’re welcome to stroll over to stall #2 if you want a good look up Lady Liberty’s skirt. While you’re at it, ask her if she’s embarrassed by the redefinition of liberty.

I don’t care if you’re conservative, liberal, straight white male, feminist, transgender, or oblivious. We’re divided on every issue and we refuse to work out a solution for the common good. Defending freedom and equity is something this nation is known for. Now, we can’t even come into an agreement on a definition of these national virtues.

Today, one person’s freedom is another person’s prison sentence.

Today’s slap in the face to our nation’s public schools is an example of one group gaining freedom via the diminished freedom of others. States rights and common sense are being hijacked by the same administration that has abused constitutional law time and again. The judgment for that vote hangs on a lot of heads.

Meanwhile, a large portion of the ‘moral majority’ have prostituted their virtue of mercy to the loudest ‘trumpet’ due to the awful realities of terrorism and corrupt government. Turning your back on genocide because of religion doesn’t communicate American liberty as a bastion of hope and justice. Also, you cannot reduce the government’s power and reach by electing the pseudo conservative version of the man who has been abusing the presidency for eight years.

‘Liberty and Justice for All’ is more of a figurehead ideal these days.

Cultural androgyny sits on the throne of American consciousness while we’ve emasculated the true nature of love and acceptance by succumbing to the lie of tolerance. This is an affront to women’s rights and the civil right’s movement which labored faithfully and effectively for lasting change that many still benefit from today. Allowing transgender to be held in the same conversation as women’s suffrage and Jim Crow laws is an insult to women and African Americans everywhere.

Do we want to desecrate our history in one generation?

There is a sociopolitical civil war taking place in our nation and my concern is that we’re so busy picking sides and drawing lines in the sand that we’ve forgotten who we are. Did God put you on this earth to die on the hill of transgender bathrooms? Were you called to support the murder of thousands of refugees because some might be radicals? Have our faithful military and public servants devoted their lives to our freedom so that we could vote for president after president who trample the Constitution?

Probably not. Its not too late.

-J. S. Marek

  1. I agree with everything you have shared. Great insight! I am left wondering about your view and wisdom of the options that are presented in this election. More of this worst case scenario plus removal of guns with the morally disgusting Hillary, a socialist in Bernie and a big mouth who may very well be the opposite of Obama yet the same. No fun and little options! Just my wonder with your past 2 posts on Trump:)


    1. Thanks for the comment!

      At this point I the election process I’m expecting Trump vs Clinton as inevitable. A contested GOP convetion and/or Clinton behind bars scenario would be ideal in my mind, but I’d be baffled if it happened. If it comes down to Trump vs Clinton and there’s no other viable option, I’m going to write in someone else. I believe a vote for Trump is a disgrace to women and an injustice to minorities, and a vote for Clinton is agreement with murder and treason.

      Bigger than Trump vs Clinton is the issue of the presidency itself. The power and scope of the executive office has become too great. We either need a congress that can bring the president to his knees or a president who will willingly relinquish the power that Obama has established in the office. My guess is that both Trump and Clinton are salivating at that power so the only thing I’m really banking on is prayer.

      That brings me to my main point. God ruled over the tower of Babel (which I believe was the most powerful example of democratic thought in human history), and God ruled over draconian heads such as Nebuchadnezzar and Hitler. The bottom line is that God is in control. He is sovereign and we get to place our hope and salvation in Him. No president will correct the course of our nation without the Holy Spirit’s leadership. If our nation is going to hell because of its poor choices, it is up to the Church to be salt and light. If our nation is prospering because of good choices it is up to the Church to remind us that we still need a savior. In the end, we need God’s leadership and a thriving Church. This is most important.

      The focus on Trump is prayer-in-action. I can’t fight every battle and this is the battle I’ve chosen. I know a lot of genuine Christians who are voting for him. Too many Christians are following the crowd on this one because of fear, a projection of power, and a few prophetic words. I believe a vote for Trump is like fighting alongside Baal to beat up Satan. I won’t do that.

      Ultimately, we need to trust in God and vote with the conscience He’s given us. I don’t want anyone to not vote Trump because I convinced them. I just want to shine light on the dark places and trust that people will follow the Holy Spirit.


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