This November 6th

Hi Friends,

The political noise out there today is obviously strong, so I thought I would offer something of a respite if you have time for about 500 words or so.

Regardless the outcome of this election, it should be first and foremost on the minds of Christians in U.S. this November, 6th 2018, that our nation is in need of the knowledge and revelation of Jesus Christ.

This is good news, because it is the will of God that none should perish, but all should come to repentance. The Holy Spirit remains on the scene today to proclaim this good news through all who would yield to His ministry. He offers us a new life and freedom in Christ to all who would call on the name of Jesus and be saved.

See, if you’re a republican you still need Jesus. If you’re a democrat the same goes for you. If you’re a baby in a womb that’s headed for the abortion clinic or a lost soul travelling in a migrant caravan- you most certainly need the ministry of Jesus right about now. If you’re a rich person overlooking the city from your high-rise office or the guy standing in line for food stamps, you still need the everlasting life that comes through Christ alone. Trafficked girls being forced to do detestable things and religious extremists calling for the heads Christians all need the Holy Spirit to break into their life right now and perform an intervention.

There is no distinction in Christ. He wants to save all and we’re His hands and feet.

Friends, we have good news to share and we’re letting too much get in the way. We are the called. We are the beloved body and temple of the Lord. Jesus laid down His life, setting the example for us all to follow. It really is that simple, and anyone who tells you otherwise has a lie to sell.

I’m not saying that God’s plan is to send you recklessly down a path of death and destruction. What I am saying is that if you’re not at least willing to put your life on the line for the doomed child in the womb, that migrant headed our way, the rich person in the high-rise, or the guy standing in the food stamp line, that lonely enslaved girl, or the deadly extremist… you’re not worthy of the title “Christian”.

There’s good news, with complete freedom and abundant life available for you today too. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Simply pick up your cross.

Let’s remember that whosoever lands themselves in a political office tomorrow, there’s still a bigger and better mission ahead for us Christians. We have lives to save because the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord has anointed us with the good news of Jesus Christ. Politics must not precede the calling and ministry of the Church even on days like today.

I’m not saying to ignore the news or your civic responsibilities. I’m just saying let’s tune down the political doom and gloom because a man or woman won some votes. They do not determine the ministry of the Church. Preach the gospel and seek justice for the oppressed.

Happy voting,

J. S. Marek

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