The Coming Movement is Now

Editor’s Note (11/19/2021): This article, originally written in 2018, became more prophetic than I originally intended. Before anyone knew about Covid-19 and the impact it would have on the nations, the Lord was preparing His Ekklesia for something of much greater meaning. Most, if not all of us have been tested and tried throughout this trial. While some very disturbing trends and reactions have manifested during this time, some of the greatest testimonies of God’s worth and might have also been put on display. The coming “shift” wasn’t what I or probably anyone foresaw, but I believe it is producing the revival we needed and still need. Will we hunger and thirst for righteousness and the kingdom of God? Are we willing to redefine our methods of discipleship, life, and spiritual expressions to meet the demands of our time? The Lord longs for a people with a simple “yes” on their lips.

Hi Friends,

The Lord is stirring the hearts of Christians among many diverse ministries and groups that a great shift is happening in the nations, and this shift is taking place within the U.S. as well. It is not just one group or church here or there. The coming shift is not merely the ambitions of just one or two ministries, but a greater convergence happening as a result of the Holy Spirit’s working.

We are living during a very special moment in the course of human history.

As I’ve stated on this website before, I believe we are living in the generation which will see the Gospel preached among every tribe, nation, and tongue. This is the first step in fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus gave to His disciples in Matthew 28.

This reality is both a great blessing and a great responsibility. It is a great blessing because this is one of the hallmark prerequisites that must take place before Jesus returns. It is a great responsibility because I don’t think we realize as a Church the effort that it will require on the part of God’s people to complete the work of discipleship.

It is for this reason I believe that the lifestyle of the Church will dramatically change over the next 5-7 years. Business as usual is coming to a close. I’ve been prophesying this on and off for over a decade, and my only regret is that I have had “off” seasons.

That which I’ve been seeing in the Spirit since 2003 is making a dramatic shift into movement, and I am so thankful!

Now is the time!

So, what is it?

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God, that there is a real and tangible kingdom in heaven that will make its advent on earth when Jesus returns, is being preached with greater clarity and mercy. As the Kingdom is being preached still more, the apostolic blessings of His kingdom are following after God’s preachers. We are beyond the days of a healing meeting or a couple good prophetic words at a prophetic conference.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Father’s heart are hitting the streets! Healing, freedom from condemnation, prophecy, the worship of God, supernatural victory over sin habits, sobriety, and salvation are all being ministered on the streets, in stadiums, on campuses, and in other public places. This happening, maybe even more so than it is being done in our churches, which is a good thing!

This is only the beginning. We are so much in the infancy stage of this new movement of the Holy Spirit that it is still easy to ignore or wonder where one’s place in this movement is. It will not be ignored and all who hear, receive, and respond to the call have a place in the Holy Spirit’s ministry!

As this movement matures so will the demonic resistance to its influence. Without revival and a great move of redemption and reconciliation we are running headlong into our own destruction. It is up to the Church to be Christ’s ministers of reconciliation and mercy!

Everything going on in our culture and political spheres should be no surprise to God’s people. Too much fascination is being given to the negative narrative. While God is in fact sending a “delegate” of believers to minister in the political sphere, there are masses upon masses of the Church operating outside of the yoke and burden Christ has put upon them. There are too many angry Christians who need to repent before they will truly be useful to God in this next move.

Focus on your character, your families, and the great commission!

You’re not an evangelist, you say? Then fund one and pray for their ministry. You’re not a pastor, you say? Then tell your co-workers about Jesus and demonstrate His love. Praying for people to be saved, healed, and delivered is always God’s will. God is calling you to respond in faithfulness.

Faithfulness is the same regardless of what God is doing in the earth. What is important is that you are engaging yourself in the Body and open to God doing anything He wants with your life. Again, for many of us a shift is in fact happening. Many hear the call, but God only sends those who respond.

Maybe God has called you into some things that people don’t understand (maybe even you don’t yet either). But God is calling His people to all kinds of things that will bless the coming movement.

I personally know some people following the call to become midwives, pilots, sailors, accountants, educators, and all kinds of things that we don’t think of as spiritual callings. Yet they are departing from their lifestyles and professions, sometimes in ways that mean less money and earthly opportunity. All because they are hearing and responding to a call from God that many of them don’t even understand.

See, God is rearranging and reassigning people. Some into more “spiritual” callings, and some into more “practical” callings. But it is all part of the coming move.

Be faithful, my friends.

J. S. Marek

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