Three Dreams & Prophetic Call to Action for 2019

Hi Friends,

This article is more of a call to action for 2019 and beyond. I believe the Lord is causing a great shift to be taking place in the body of Christ, that we are entering into a new generation which will see the Great Commission fulfilled and the Gospel of the Kingdom preached in all the earth.

A few nights ago Heather had three back-to-back dreams which were significant to a prophetic word the Lord gave me in 2007. I will give a few details from the dream, but what’s most important is the interpretation.

Preface Interpretation: In the dreams there was a man named Arnold Snow, who in the dream represents the Holy Spirit. [In German, Arnold means “eagle power”, and snow represents holiness and sanctification]

In the 1st dream, the Holy Spirit said, “Come to Kansas City as soon as you can because I have something important to tell you.

In the 2nd dream, Heather is speaking with Benji Nolot (founder of Exodus Cry, a ministry that fights human trafficking and modern day slavery). She tells him about the first dream, and about Arnold Snow. In this dream, Benji says he knows exactly what the first dream means and we need to go pray for the Jewish community immediately. Afterward, Benji, Heather, myself, and two other friends meet for nighttime prayer and worship in the snow outside of a Jewish Student Union at a University.

In the 3rd dream, Heather is speaking with me about the first two dreams. In the dream, someone keeps trying to interrupt Heather and share his own version of the events. Heather assures him that she knows the dream’s meanings.

Full Interpretation:

Symbolically speaking, there was a strong sense that the word released in Kansas City is going to be likened unto a wedding proposal of sorts. I believe there will be a significant word for the Church released soon in Kansas City. In my natural reasoning I am tempted to assume this word will be released during the One Thing Conference (A yearly conference put on by the International House of Prayer).

In the prayer meeting during the 2nd dream, the people involved represented a different expression of the Church. Benji represented the justice movement. Heather and I represented grassroots/domestic missions. Our other friends represented foreign/frontier missions, as well as traditional/local church bodies.

The 3rd dream highlights that there will be those who will try to put their own spin, interpretation, or theological preference above what the Lord requires. We need to persevere in prayerful unity while tuning out the noise of man’s preferences or agendas.

A Call to Action: It is vital that we now come together in unity to pray for Israel and the Jewish community. This is not a secondary calling upon the Church. It is not a side ministry or a prayer point. Praying for Israel and the global Jewish community must become a primary ministry and expression of the Church, whether you are a member of a traditional congregation, the justice movement, missions, or all of the above.

Back in 2007, the Lord gave me a prophetic word about “abortion falling like the Berlin wall, and out of the rubble of this wall the Lord would establish a wall of intercession for Israel. The Lord calls these ones, “The Watchmen in My Womb”, and “The Champions of Israel”. This word from 2007 had a significant tie to defeating abortion in the United States, which is a battle that could easily come to a head in 2019.

Now is the time to begin this intercessory transition in the Church.

-J. S. Marek

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