A Family Vision

Family is God’s chosen instrument for spiritual warfare.

Our Story

B4L 1Heather and I met in Hawaii while she was at Hawaii Pacific University finishing a degree in Elementary Education. During our time in Hawaii, we ministered together with Bound4Life, a pro-life movement dedicated to prayer for the ending of abortion in America. We were also members of a small house of prayer located just outside of Honolulu, where I served as an administrative leader, worship leader, and teacher. It was during this time with the house of prayer in Hawaii that I fell in love with my bride. We still look back at that time as one of the sweetest seasons of life when God took each of us to deeper place of devotion to Jesus and His desires.

Our Vision

Heather & Jerry 1The Lord has given us a heart to contend for wholeness in the life of the Church, and we believe healthy families, both natural-born and spiritual, are the means which God will advance His kingdom on earth. We desire to see generational unity in worship, that the Church would ‘come together’ across generational, ethnic, and denominational boundaries. This unity begins with the cultivating of a praying and worshipping Church committed to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.


Moving Forward: 2017-2018 Update

Amber ZoeHeather and I currently live in Kansas City, MO. The Lord ambushed my life with a new career as a sales manager. I never viewed myself as the type for this area of business, however the Lord had different plans. My job allows me to provide for my family while pursuing my desire to pray and write.

In the near future I will begin a new writing project. As always, my goal is to provide the body of Christ free written content the enriches our understanding of Jesus while challenging us all to pursue Him with all of our will and being.