My wife Heather and I are missionaries in the U.S. We serve with a small missions organization called Sojourner Missions. We are bi-vocational, which means we work “regular” jobs to support our ministry, and to fill in the rest we rely on financial support.

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Our focus of ministry is leading worship & intercession, going after the “one” through prophetic evangelism, and serving the church through practical service as well as teaching and equipping other believers for works of ministry.

We are currently partnered with a group out of the Pacific Northwest that is working towards establishing its “home-base” missions hub. We are highly anticipating releasing more details about this ministry over the next few months.

Long-term, the goal will be to utilize our “home-base” to connect with other missionaries and like-minded believers. It also gives us a home when our home is not on the road, as well as being our spiritual family for community and oversight.

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