Legends of Alehl: Oracle of the Terebinth

In the midst of a chaotic war, Ophir, the High Priestess of Alehl, travels to meet with the leaders of a fledgling resistance halfway across the world. Meanwhile, Natan, an officer with the Union Federation, embarks on a critical mission of his own to help foster peace. Facing off against violent mercenaries, perilous travels, and the cumbersome bureaucracy of his own government, Natan and his team discover the severity of the times in which they live.

Their stories meet at the headquarters of the Achih resistance, where the atrocities of a bloody war collide with the hope bestowed by an ancient oracle of promise. Can Ophir and Natan turn the tides back towards peace, or will the whole earth be engulfed by the flames of war?

Oracle of the Terebinth is currently in the editing stage. The first draft and edits have been written. COMING SOON!