Barrabas, Nationalism, and the Woman Caught in Adultery

If you believe you’re superior to someone else, can you truly love them? The goal of today’s article is to establish the idea that nationalism is poisonous to the Gospel witness.

Before I get started, here is my clarifying statement: “Nationalism is different from patriotism.”

Nationalism believes that one’s own country, nation, and/or culture is superior to another. A nationalistic statement is, “My country is the greatest.”

Patriotism believes that one’s own country possesses admirable and valuable characteristics worthy to be established, nurtured, and protected. A patriotic statement is, “I love my country’s values enough that I will lay down my life to protect it.”

Today’s article is not about patriotism, which in many contexts is good and beautiful.

Today’s article is about nationalism and how it is poisonous to the Gospel witness. Continue reading “Barrabas, Nationalism, and the Woman Caught in Adultery”