Vision 2018-2020

A Two-Part Vision:

Part 1: The Rise of a New Mission

I believe in the rise of missions within the continental U.S. As a Church, I commend the great work of our missionaries overseas and the commitment we’ve made as the Church at large to bring the gospel to unreached areas in the world. However, we are suffering much loss on the home front, as church participation and influence is at an all-time low among the younger generations.

I believe a new missions movement is needed to bring the gospel to the United States, to strengthen the local church, and to fulfill the Great Commission in our own back yard. Pastoral staffs working the 9-5 grind, community outreaches and youth groups are not enough to reach our communities. I commend your efforts and encourage you to keep fighting the good fight. The local church is the essential ministry for reaching our communities and my hope is that our efforts will strengthen and embolden your congregations to see the gospel saturate your cities!

I believe we need the hands and feet of the whole church, and our context for domestic missions is designed to equip the saints while partnering with the efforts of the local churches across our nation.

Part 2: “A House for Prayer, for Refuge, and for Missions…”

I am part of a small team of Christians whose focus is to establish a community centered around prayer, restoration, and missions. Currently, most of us live simple lifestyles in RV’s and other tiny home or community settings. The goal is to live on as little as possible so that we might offer the greatest possible amount of our time and energy to our families, to the Church, and to the Great Commission. As time goes on, we endeavor to have a property for people to come to for rest and refuge, that we will also use as a place for prayer and a hub for our missionaries.

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