The Audacity of Meekness

Jesus Christ is beauty and wonder personified. In all our searching after God, we can do no greater than stand before the majesty and revealed glory of Jesus. As we fix our gaze upon the author and perfecter of our faith, every new revelation of His wondrous and awesome character sets before us the knowledge of an ever greater journey into the infinite realms of God’s nature. Whether it be beauty, glory, holiness, or mystery- Jesus stands second to none.

In light of this it is almost peculiar that none can compare to Him in meekness either.

True meekness, which I define as ‘faithful and tested acts of humility that describe one’s character’, is maybe the most sincere sign of being likeminded with Christ. To be fair, I define humility as ‘an act that considers another’s wellbeing before your own; or, an act of confidence that displays a true and clear perspective of oneself’. At the cross Jesus displayed both of these definitions of humility. First, He considered the wellbeing of the human race before His own by becoming sin on our behalf. Second, He displayed unyielding confidence in His Father’s testimony of Himself, for under no other circumstances could any man possess the audacious faith that His death could pay the price of mankind’s sin for all of eternity.

Jesus, who was, is, and will always be God- came to earth in humility, being born of a woman. He served mankind, fully become man, and walked beside us. What is even more is that He will forever be a man. This doctrine, Jesus Christ who is fully God and fully man, will remain true forever. At no point will He cease to be a man. For this we hopefully stand in awe at the wonder of God, because there is no other in within all of creation who could accomplish such as this.

Humility then, should be easy to see, right?

I believe the answer to that question can be yes. In no manner can the kingdom of darkness in all of its works claim meekness. Satan himself is incapable of displaying true acts of humility. If we seek God in hopes of seeing Christ’s humility, a side effect is that pride and arrogance should become much easier to spot because we know what genuine meekness looks like. In this there is great value.

Beloved, let me get to the real point. We live in times of great deception. I am not saying more or less than any other time in history. I am just saying that we do in fact, now, live in a time of abounding lies. We need to use every tool in the box to identify the truth. Our culture has turned so many things upside-down and inside out. So many of us have devoted great effort to fixing the wrongs and exposing the lies. While I would never say that’s wrong, I do suggest that maybe there is a better way.

What if we fix our gaze, most ardently and unyielding upon that which is genuine? Would this not better help us discern falsehood and immorality from a better perspective?

The revelation of Christ’s humility is not the only place to start on the journey of discerning truth, but it is a great one! What do you see in God, who is holy and eternal, and yet stands unprecedented in meekness, continually serving even those who hate Him?

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. -Philippians 4:8

– J. S. Marek

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