A New (Old) Direction

Hi Friends,

I am taking a new (old) direction in writing. I have spent the past year and a half on hiatus, focusing on work and family. This time away has taught me new things and has also revealed some of the areas where I have lost focus. I welcome you back to my blog, and I hope that the discussion can continue in this new season. As always, comment below or find me on Facebook.

This website began eight years ago as a means of connecting people to the heart and vision of the ministry that I had privilege of partaking in during my time in Hawaii. It was a platform for the theological and prophetic message we were spreading among the campuses, churches, and streets to anyone who would give ear.

As time went on and life changed, so did my writing and the focus of this blog. It became more personal, then less personal, and then a completely different animal. I wrote newsletters, joined the political and social commentary, and did my best to write about as many subjects as possible. During those years I also lost touch with what I truly feel called to write about.

I am going back to where and why I began writing.

If you read my blog in the past for the theological or prophetic perspective, I welcome you back. If you’re here for poetry and reflection, I welcome you back. Let’s run together again for a vision of the Holy, the One and Only Jesus. Whether you are near or far, consider this a reopening of the door to a better discussion.

The discussion of God.

-J.S. Marek

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