Returning to Simplicity

Hi Friends,

Did you know that the Christian life is simple?

There is purity and freedom in a simple devotion to Jesus. Many aspects of life can be very difficult. Being a parent is challenging. We’ve all had many difficult days at work. Even the most intellectual people are challenged by the perplexing issues that face us daily.

Following Jesus isn’t easy. God doesn’t promise you free ride through life. That is why I am thankful for the simplicity of pursuing God. If you or someone else has made the Christian life complicated or difficult to understand, it is time for a change.

I used to walk a lot and pray. I used to prophesy to people on the street. I used to go to places where people congregated to commit all kinds of sins. In these places I would set up a little huddle with friends to worship openly because Jesus is worthy of praise in dark places. I used to street preach and tell people about the beauty of life can dwell in them because they are made by a good God. I used to stand up to the confines of dead religion and oppose it openly, graciously, and fervently.

There are a lot of things I “used” to do.

My point today isn’t to boast about anything. It isn’t self-loathing about why I’m not living up to some standard I set for myself. It isn’t a confession for confession’s sake.

Here’s the point: I used to live a simple, normal Christian life. I sought to know God and make Him known.

My hope is that the ups and downs of my life can help someone see that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. My hope is that I can help someone see that regular, faithful seeking God is possible and sustainable. My hope is that for the person who used to do all kinds of things faithfully but has now has stopped, decreased, or convoluted the process, you know today that your cross can be picked up right where you left it.

The joy is that there is no condemnation for you who are in Christ Jesus. The sadness is that there is no hope for anyone who is separated from Christ Jesus.

You are the witness. You are the messenger and the testimony of Jesus to the world. God can preach through asses and praise through rocks. He doesn’t need you, but He much prefers you. In fact, you are preferred and favored so much that He won’t allow life, death, heaven nor hell hold you back for Him and the plans He has for you.

Get simple. Love Jesus. Love the world like you love yourself. Worship, pray, offer your life as a holy sacrifice to God, and get up on your feet and “go”. You don’t have to go far. If you want to go far do that too. Just “go”.

You are free from condemnation but the world around you is not. It will remain under condemnation until you show them who Jesus is.

Friends, let’s go and love God together. You probably have your own set of “used to’s“. You don’t have to “used to” anymore.

_J. S. Marek

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