Not Shrinking Back

Greetings Beloved!

As a nation, a state, in the Church, and even in our little house of prayer on the windward side of Hawaii… the battle is raging.  As a nation, we face financial meltdown and social/moral collapse, while our religious and governmental leaders contend with the issues of our day.  In some places, it appears that righteousness is taking great ground, while in others (Hawaii for instance), it seems that both government and Church are in bed with demons.  At the house of prayer, our Hare Krishna neighbors have begun holding prayer/worship meetings on the same nights that we pray.

Beloved, complacency will rob us of our destiny in Christ!  Many of us sit on couches watching television, movies and playing video games to feed our desire to participate in a great adventure or a great and glorious cause.  Some of us live our lives to the full of what this world has to offer, whether in adventures, pilgrimages or earthly pleasures.  At the very same time, there are a few righteous going to war against a great myriad of the selfish and wicked, while most are content with living fat lives in the mere shadows of true glory.  The truth is, there is a real battle going on in all the earth.  It is the most glorious and exciting conflict between the perfect and glorious, that is God and His Kingdom, against the thieving, robbing and destroying Devil and the kingdom of darkness.  The reality is a black and white battle, yet most of us live in the gray illusions of a diluted mind.  Let us wake up and let Christ shine in us!  Let us, all who are called by the name of Jesus Christ, turn to what is right and noble and true, and take up again the cross of prayer, meditation and proclamation of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and forceful people lay hold of it!  We, beloved, are of this faith.  Let us turn to sweet repentance and embrace it wholeheartedly.

Hell on earth comes before heaven on earth, yet we know Jesus has the victory in the end and no one, not even the Devil himself, will steal one measure of glory from our Father God.  Whether we are living in the midst of it, or sitting on the fat and complacent sidelines of western Christianity, the battle is real and Devil is raging.  My fellow brothers and sisters, God delights in mercy and His grace is sufficient for you!  Join the battle today!  Join the ranks of those who are not shrinking back, and throw off everything that hinders loving the Lord your God.  It is time for a holy war, waged with the spiritual weapons of Christian warfare.  Worship God, pray, serve, forgive and proclaim His Gospel!  Jesus will be glorified.

Blessings to you through God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ.


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