Contending Through Disillusionment

Hi Friends,

I have been writing a lot lately about the prophetic transition taking place at this present time. Many people and ministries have been released into new occupations, assignments and callings. It has been both an exciting and concerning time.

First of all, I want to say a few things about this season of transition. The transition is happening because our generation is beginning to catch the greater vision of God for our time. In one generation we will see the fulfilling of the Great Commission, the salvation of Israel, and unprecedented unity in love within the body of Christ. We will also witness the great falling away, the prominence of a global outcry against Israel, and greatly intensified persecution of the Church.

Some of these transitions we are facing as individuals may feel very personal and private. I don’t want to diminish the personal perspective because your journey in Christ is vital as you will one day stand before the Lord. You have unique value and personal connection with the Lord. Only you can love and worship God with your life and being. No one else in all of history can love God with your life. Only you can do that. This is the true value of human life.

Yet, my purpose is to keep the bigger picture in front of us. Not one of us can make the things of God happen.

There is something much bigger than you or myself that is taking place in our time and generation. God is preparing the earth for the next advent of Jesus Christ. We best participate with what God intends to do in the earth through an offering of simple loving obedience, and keeping the greater vision (that is the appearing of Jesus Christ) ever before our eyes.

With this in mind, there is no other encouragement I can give you other than the commandment of Jesus, to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. In keeping His commandment, be watchful of the Lord and lean on the Holy Spirit’s leading. He is moving in the earth and we want to be moving with Him.

He may be leading you into new things. I’ve written about this recently if you want to read more on the subject.

What I haven’t presented in previous articles is that you may be struggling in the midst of these transitions, and maybe even feel lost. We often think that if God is calling us into something- He must intend on giving us success! This is not always the case, at least not immediately in the way in which we often expect. We are called to the long journey in Christ, meaning that there will be many ups and downs.

This calls for us to lean hard into an eternal perspective, one that is evident in the life of Abraham. He leaned into the promise of God but did not see it come to pass in its fullness during his lifetime. The correct mindset requires us to understand the promises of God are eternal in nature. No matter how far you walk out these promises now, there is no possible manner in which you will walk them out fullness now.

This is a double edged sword, for on one hand we won’t see the fullness anytime soon, but on the other hand it means every day we’re waking up to more of God’s glorious opportunities!

For this reason consider the prayer of Moses in Psalm 90, that God would teach us to number our days rightly so we gain a heart of wisdom. We need to lean hard into the Lord with a watchful spirit. What does the Lord require of you today? Get a vision for righteousness, meekness, and the knowledge of God. Get a vision for loving God well over the course of decades!

When we walk out the character of God as the Holy Spirit gives us ability, we will walk out the prophetic calling of our life in a manner which God desires- even if it doesn’t look like success in our eyes.

From a human perspective, Jesus’ ministry wasn’t a success either. He had a roughly three year ministry that ended in death. Even so, Jesus fulfilled the whole will of God for His life in the days of His first advent. He has yet to see the fulfillment of everything promised to Him by God the Father, but because of His faithfulness in due season we all now have a way to enter into God’s grace and salvation!

Regardless of what it looks like in your circumstances, the Holy Spirit promises to give you joy, peace, and fellowship with Him as you contend through the disillusionment that comes with bearing your cross daily. Waking up every day and not giving up is success, and you will one day be richly rewarded!

In James 1, an example of this success is “faithful endurance having its complete work”. Faithful endurance is the measure of success which God intends to bring forth.

In this season of transitions, I am as lost as many of you! We’ve stepped out into uncharted territory, and now we’re writing a new map. Christ is your light and He will guide you. If you feel led into a desert, well you probably have been. God likes to do that kind of thing when He’s preparing a generation for great works.

Persevere, my friends! Keep the bigger picture in front of you and know that your faithfulness in this day and moment is all that is needed to keep you in God’s will.

-J. S. Marek

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