What I Learned from Street Preaching

Greetings Beloved!

Earlier this month, my good friend and roommate, Mark, invited me to come street preaching with him in Waikiki.  Since then, we’ve been out a few more times to preach.  The Lord has done something different every time, but what has been consistent is that the praises of God are being declared in a city that is full of darkness.

So far no one, that we know of anyway, has turned to Christ.  The natural mind wonders, “I know we just started preaching, but where are the results?”  So far, street preaching has been just as effective as all of my other evangelism efforts… … … nobody responds.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  Some people would laugh, some would sneer, even a few would try to argue.  Oh, and there are those who stick their fingers in their ears.  There are at times, the Christians who would walk by and cheer you on.  That is encouraging, I must say!

What I have learned in my incredibly short time street preaching is this:  God LOVES people and He wants to tell them!  I am a prayer guy.  I love sitting in a room and praying for hours.  But never in my prayer have I cultivated such a burning passion for the salvation of the lost as I did when I opened my mouth to proclaim His gospel.  Some would ask, “What fruit does this evangelism bear?”  I tell you, it produces a burden for souls, a greater desire for obedience, and an overwhelming joy.  At least it has for me.  Preaching in the midst of passing people and passing cars is very different from preaching or teaching in a church, handing out tracts, or even discussion with unbelievers.  There is a fire and a joy that well up inside of me when I loudly proclaim my Lord.  Jesus desires for the Gospel of the Kingdom to be preached in all nations.  When I preach, I’m not just preaching salvation, but a Kingdom who’s King is Jesus.

God is going to break in one day.  Will it be in Waikiki?  Will it be on the college campus or somewhere else?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that if the Church once again embraces the acts of the book of Acts, she will once again see the results of the book of Acts.  I met an atheist, a deaf man, and a couple transvestites the other night.  God gave me His gospel and it is going to the poor.  You can’t question the gospel I preach, but I question the gospel that is being proclaimed in the padded seat churches, full of people fat on the American Dream.

Come now, let us return to the Lord and embrace the things He called us to do.  Let us pray, worship, serve, fast and forgive.  These things are so simple.  And let us share His Word.  You don’t have to be loud to preach.  All you have to do is tell people the truth in love.

Oh… and forget looking for results.  Our victory is found only in our obedience to the Truth.

One response to “What I Learned from Street Preaching”

  1. WOW Jerry,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I remember when I used to participate in street evangelism at University of Tennessee when I was with the Navs. I would look around and see all of the college students. God gave me that buringin desire to see them saved and a fresh view of the lost.

    Thanks for reminding me.


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