American Prophetic Update: Part 1

Greetings Beloved,

In previous years I have released prophetic messages concerning the American Church and Western Christianity. Until this update, I haven’t released further insight into these messages, nor any signs of their fulfillment. I will try my best to articulate the fulfillments that I have seen thus far, as well as their implications. If you would like to read these messages in full, click here.

The First Lament: June 19, 2007

In this message, the Lord has brought about a key fulfillment:

The Lord has made a decree, “Those who do not repent for sexual immorality and idolatry will be removed from their ministry to the Church by the fire and wind of the Holy Spirit. Let this be a sign to you: ‘One of your main branches, a great and mighty branch, will be removed by a fire that will come up from under it and it will consume much fruit.’ Do not inquire of the Lord nor lift up your hands until you have repented even for the sins of your fathers.”

What this means is, on account of sexual immorality and idolatry, a greatly influential [ministry, denomination or movement] in the Church will be completely uprooted by the fury and jealousy of the Lord. The Holy Spirit will test it with fire and reveal its dross. The judgment will come up from under it, which means that hidden secrets and sins will be publicly exposed. Much of the fruit of this ministry will be completely destroyed, meaning that many of her disciples will be scattered or fall away. It will be terrible and evident, unlike anything we’ve seen in our generation. Without repentance, it will surely come to pass.

This word was fulfilled when the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) voted at a Churchwide Assembly in Minneapolis to allow congregations to call and ordain homosexuals. This vote took place on August 21, 2009, and by April 2010, they had made official revisions to their ministry policy to ensure that the Churches uphold the August 21 vote. The ELCA was, and still is, the largest Lutheran denomination in America, and is the seventh largest in the U.S. Since this ruling, over 100,000 Lutherans left the ELCA to form a new Lutheran denomination, that they might restore and reform the biblical truths of the bible to the Lutheran church.

As a sign, during the ELCA Assembly in 2009, a tornado touched down one minute after the start of the meeting, striking an 800 pound cross at the ELCA’s largest cathedral in Minnesota, leaving the cross hanging upside down. This signifies the apostasy of the ELCA leaders, and the severity of the Lord’s decrees. Let me be clear, this does not mean everyone in the ELCA is apostate. I have faith that there are at least a few, if not many, who are deeply committed to Christ within the denomination, trying to lead it back to a true foundation in Christ. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that this is the sign which points to the Lord’s warning against sexual immorality.

While the Lord promised a lamentation, He did so in grace, decreeing a great revival in the Church as well. We can look at the judgments of God a signposts, that we might find mercy and forgiveness, as well as the healing and restoration of our churches and our nation. I believe even the most adamant offender can be returned to the Lord. While the ELCA (and other denominations) has fallen, and is a sign for many churches, that those who do not repent of sexual immorality (of any kind), will be judged. Yet, those who pursue righteousness can be assured that great revival is coming. Let’s take a look at this revival:

The Lord has made another decree, that there would be a restoration of the apostolic ministry in our generation. The Lord is calling forth apostles from our land who will bring restoration and reformation to the lifestyle, ministry, government and passion of the church. These apostles have not yet been commissioned, but will be soon. He is resurrecting an apostolic church that will walk in the ancient paths (holiness, devotion and purity) of the early church. These apostles will move in a great prophetic anointing, similar to the prophet Samuel, and they will call the people of God to a pure and chaste devotion to Jesus. They will go forth with this message: ‘God is Restoring the Great Commandment to the Church’, ‘God is Fulfilling the Mystery of Christ’ and ‘The Day of The Lord is at Hand.’ They will be equipped by the Holy Spirit to finish (with all the saints) the work of the Great Commission, and prepare the Bride of Christ for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Recently, I heard Lou Engle speak about Mission Ekballo. While I desire to take nothing away from the wonderful churches, ministries, and organizations devoted to the same cause as Mission Ekballo, the message shared by Lou Engle regarding the purpose of the mission stood out to me as a sign that this apostolic restoration is beginning. This movement is transcending denominational and national boundaries, and has fully embraced Jesus’ apostolic mandate. In this movement I see a strong representation of the three-fold message in the Lord’s decree, and I believe that some, though not all, of the coming apostles will come forth from this movement.

Concerning the coming apostolic ministry, I always make a very firm stance in declaring that none of the biblical gifts have ceased. I would advise anyone who disagrees with me to read Ephesians again with an open heart, and to pray through each verse. There is no verse in the bible that alludes to any biblical gift ceasing before the return of Jesus. We too often confuse the ministry of the apostle with the mandate to write Scripture. Yes, the early apostles wrote most of the New Testament, and yes, the Scriptures have been fully written, finished, and sealed, but the writing of Scripture was not the only aspect of apostolic authority. The biblical model of New Testament ministry is not complete without the apostle. To go at length on this subject is a matter for another time, but I will say that we will see both the rise of authentic apostles, and false apostles. In the meantime, if you would like more information about the apostolic ministry, please email me @

In the coming months, I will continue to write these prophetic updates. I will answer any questions via email, and I invite as many questions as possible, as it will help me in writing future articles. I believe that the time has come to begin sharing these messages again now that the fulfillments are happening. While there are yet troublesome times ahead for America, I believe with great fervor that a grand revival is coming, not only to America, but to the nations. My hope in these writings is to help establish a vision for the coming revival, that we might know how to pray and proceed.

Blessings to you through Christ Jesus, the One Lord.


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