When God Redirects Your Plans

Hi Friends,

Less than a month ago we thought we were on our way to Hawaii, which had a wonderful business and ministry opportunity waiting for us. We parted from our commitments in Missouri and sold or donated almost every possession we owned. Road ready, we headed for Wisconsin and Phoenix to spend some time with family before setting off to Hawaii.

Plans can change very quickly.

At first, what we thought was just a bump in the road to Hawaii turned into a closed door. We landed in Phoenix with no short term plan after the middle of October as the Hawaii option was taken off the table. As some of you know, Hawaii was part of a shorter plan of roughly a year or more before setting off into our long-term ministry goals. As we’ve been praying, we believe that now is the time to begin setting some of these long-term goals into motion.

The Long-Term Vision

We are partnered with a group of families in the Pacific Northwest. The long-term vision for ministry is to establish a place of rest and restoration, where people can come to receive ministry for themselves and their families. We think of it becoming a place of refuge for those who serve on the front lines of the Great Commission, as well as for anyone who is looking for a safe place to pursue spiritual wholeness in Christ. This will be accomplished through prayer & worship, hospitality, and equipping ministries focused on biblical studies, emotional & relational wholeness, and discovering one’s gifts and calling in Christ.

For the most part we’ve all been pursuing this vision the old-fashioned way, through working a lot of hours and saving up earnings. Some in our rag-tag crew are living in RV’s to devote more of their savings towards this goal, so that we can accelerate the process of funding this vision. In the meantime, we all participate in different churches and ministries across the U.S., staying engaged with the local church and blessing the body of Christ.

The Short-Term Vision

For the time being, I am working in Phoenix as we get our bearings and set new goals for the short-term 12-18 months.

We would like to buy a school bus conversion, or “skoolie”, to join our RV friends. We chose the skoolie option because it will provide us with more safety for long-distance travel as well as a more home-like environment for our kids. We have found Christian builders who are professionals in the small, but quickly growing skoolie industry. They can build us a conversion for a fraction of the cost of buying an RV. Click here for more info on Skoolie Homes, our preferred builder.

During this transitional time for our family, we are looking to get our bearings as we set off into a new season of serving Christ and His Church. Our goal is to set into what we’re calling “full-time domestic missions”. We will serve the body of Christ, primarily those who are active in the missions and prayer movement. Read our vision page for more details!

As always, if we are already in contact please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions via phone, email, or messenger. I will be posting frequent updates and providing more info as time goes on.



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